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================================================================== IJCNLP 2017 SHARED TASKS: JOINT CALL FOR PARTICIPATION December 1, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan

Registration NOW Open and Data are Available! http://ijcnlp2017.org/site/page.aspx?pid=158&sid=1133&lang=en

Release of Test Set: *August 14, 2017*

The 8th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP 2017) http://ijcnlp2017.org/ ==================================================================

IJCNLP 2017 Shared Tasks will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, at Taipei Nangang Exhibitation Hall on December 1st, 2017. The topics of the shared tasks cover 1) grammatical error diagnosis, 2) sentiment analysis, 3) product review summarization and customer feedback analysis and 4) question-answering.

Please visit each task website as listed below for more information.

1. Shared Task on Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis (CGED)

Participants will build systems to automatically detect the errors in Chinese sentences (error existence, types and position) made by Chinese-as-Second-Language learners. Four error types are annotated in the corpus for training, i.e. redundant word, missing word, word selection and word ordering. There were three previous events of the shared task (2014, 2015 and 2016).


Gaoqi Rao <raogaoqi-fj at 163.com> Baolin Zhang <zhangbaolin at blcu.edu.cn> Endong Xun <edxun at blcu.edu.cn> CONTACT: raogaoqi-fj at 163.com

2. Dimensional Sentiment Analysis for Chinese Phrases

Given a word or phrase, participants are asked to provide a real-valued score from 1 to 9 for both valence and arousal dimensions, indicating the degree from most negative to most positive for valence, and from most calm to most excited for arousal.


Liang-Chih Yu <lcyu at saturn.yzu.edu.tw> Lung-Hao Lee <lhlee at ntnu.edu.tw> Jin Wang <wangjin at ynu.edu.cn> Kam-Fai Wong <kfwong at se.cuhk.edu.hk> CONTACT: lcyu at saturn.yzu.edu.tw

3. Review Opinion Diversification

Participants will build systems to rank top-k reviews as a summary of opinions of product reviews in three different ways. The shared task will use a subset of Amazon SNAP product reviews dataset for experiments. It contains reviews of products in different categories, e.g., 22,000,000+ reviews of books and 7,000,000+ reviews of electronics products.


Anil Kumar Singh <aksingh.cse at iitbhu.ac.in> Julian McAuley <jmcauley at eng.ucsd.edu> Avijit Thawani <avijit.thawani.cse14 at itbhu.ac.in> Mayank Panchal <mayank.panchal.cse14 at iitbhu.ac.in> Anubhav Gupta <anubhav.gupta.cse14 at itbhu.ac.in> Rajesh Kumar Mundotiya <rajeshkm.rs.cse16 at itbhu.ac.in> CONTACT: aksingh.cse at iitbhu.ac.in

4. Shared Task on Customer Feedback Analysis

Understanding and being able to react to customer feedback is the most fundamental task in providing good customer service. The shared task will provide a corpus annotated using a five-class categorization (comment, request, bug, complaint and meaningless) from a pilot study of ADAPT-Microsoft joint research project. Participants will train classifiers for the detection of meanings in customer feedback in English, Spanish and Japanese.


Chao-Hong Liu <chaohong.liu at adaptcentre.ie> Declan Groves <degroves at microsoft.com> Alberto Poncelas <alberto.poncelas3 at mail.dcu.ie> Akira Hayakawa <akira.hayakawa at adaptcentre.ie> Yasufumi Moriya <yasufumi.moriya at adaptcentre.ie> CONTACT: chaohong.liu at adaptcentre.ie

5. Multi-choice Question Answering in Examinations

Participants will build systems to choose the correct option for each multi-choice question. The dataset is comprised of two parts, English and Chinese. The total number of questions (along with their answers) is 14,447.

http://www.nlpr.ia.ac.cn/cip/ijcnlp/Multi-choice_Question_An swering_in_Exams.html

Jun Zhao <jzhao at nlpr.ia.ac.cn> Kang Liu <kliu at nlpr.ia.ac.cn> Shizhu He <shizhu.he at nlpr.ia.ac.cn> Zhuoyu Wei <zhuoyu.wei at nlpr.ia.ac.cn> Shangmin Guo <shangmin.guo at nlpr.ia.ac.cn> CONTACT: mcqa.ijcnlp at outlook.com

IMPORTANT DATES Shared Task Website Ready: 1-May-17 Release of Training Data: 15-May-17 Dryrun: Release of Development Set: 12-Jul-17 Release of Test Set: 14-Aug-17 Submission of Systems: 21-Aug-17 System Description Paper Due: 15-Sep-17 Camera-Ready Deadline: 10-Oct-17

SHARED TASK CO-CHAIRS Chao-Hong Liu, ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University, chaohong.liu at adapt centre.ie Preslav Nakov, Qatar Computing Research Institute, pnakov at hbku.edu.qa Nianwen Xue, Brandies University, xuen at brandeis.edu

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