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Call for Book Chapters: Intelligent Natural Language Processing: Trends and Applications

To be published by Studies in Big Data Series by Springer http://www.springer.com/series/11970

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The tentative schedule of the book publication is as follows:

Deadline for paper submission: January 25, 2017

First round notification: March. 15, 2017

Camera-ready submission: May 15, 2017

Publication date: 2nd quarter of 2017

(*) For updates about this book pls. visit http://egyptscience.net/INLP2017/


Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to AI methods of communication with Intelligent Systems

using a natural language such as English or Arabic. Processing of Natural Language is required when

you employ an intelligent system like a robot in order to perform as per your instructions, for

instance, assisting a doctor through a dialogue based clinical expert system, etc.

New trends of natural language processing systems are emerging, such as big data analysis, social

network analysis, Internet of things, smart services, mobile computing, computer games, to name a

few. Applications of these trends have been applied to various domains including education, travel

and tourism, healthcare, among others. Many issues encountered during the development of these

applications are resolved by incorporating language technology solutions, which involves speech

processing, text extraction and retrieval, and deep learning, which are currently attractive topics

within computational linguistics research areas.

The purpose of the “Intelligent in Natural Language Processing: Trends and application” edited book

is to bring scientists, researcher scholars, practitioners, and students from academia and industry

to present recent and ongoing research activities about the recent advances, techniques, and

applications of natural language Processing systems and to allow the exchange of new ideas and

application experiences.

Chapters of this Book aim to provide a collection of high quality research works that address broad

challenges in both theoretical and application aspects of intelligent natural language processing

and its applications. We invite colleagues to contribute original book chapters that will stimulate

the continuing effort on the application of AI approaches to solve natural language processing


This editing book is intended to present the state-of-the-art in research on natural language

processing, computational linguistics, applied Arabic linguistics and related areas.

* Linguistic resources (corpora, electronic dictionaries, treebanks, etc.)

* Transliteration, transcription and diacritization

* Part of speech tagging

* Morphological analysis and generation

* Shallow and deep parsing

* Machine translation

* Word sense and syntactic disambiguation

* Semantic analysis

* Information extraction and retrieval

* Question answering

* Text clustering, and classification

* Text summarization

* Text and web content mining

* Named entity recognition

* Colloquial-based language processing


Submitted manuscripts should conform to the standard guidelines of the Springer's book chapter

format. Number of pages should not exceed 25 pages. Manuscripts must be prepared using either

Latex, according to the Springer's svmlt template that can be downloaded from

http://www.springer.com/birkhauser/mathematics/download?SGWID=0-40465-0-0-0 or Microsoft word using

the template that can be downloaded from http://www.springer.com/ engineering?SGWID=0-175-6-1381428

-0 . (*) Manuscripts that do not follow the size and formatting rules will be rejected.

Authors should send a PDF format of their manuscripts electronically to the following Email

address: khaled.shaalan[at]gmail.com, with the subject title as: "Intelligent Natural Language

Processing: Trends and Applications-Book Chapter". Pls. copy the text within this quote to the

subject part of your email as we are going to apply a message filter. Submitted manuscripts will be

refereed by at least two independent and expert reviewers for quality, correctness, originality,

and relevance. The accepted contributions will be published in Intelligent Systems Reference

Library by Springer.


Prof. Khaled Shaalan

Faculty of Engineering & IT

The British University in Dubai, UAE


Prof. Aboul-Ella Hassanien

Scientific Research Group in Egypt (SRGE)

Faculty of Computers & Information

Cairo university, Egypt


Prof. M.F.Tolba

Faculty of Computers & Information

Ain Shams university, Egypt

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