[Corpora-List] 2nd Call For Participation - Evaluation Campaign at VarDial Workshop 2017

Marcos Zampieri marcos.zampieri at uni-saarland.de
Sat Jan 7 02:02:00 CET 2017

2nd Call for Participation

Within the scope of the VarDial workshop, co-located with EACL 2017, we are organising an evaluation campaign on similar languages, varieties and dialects with multiple tasks.

URL: http://ttg.uni-saarland.de/vardial2017/sharedtask2017.html

We are offering four tasks this year:

- (DSL) Discriminating between Similar Languages Fourth iteration of the DSL task featuring a multilingual dataset containing excerpts of journalistic texts. Languages included this year grouped by similarity are: Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian, Malay and Indonesian, Persian and Dari, Canadian and Hexagonal French, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Argentine, Peninsular, and Peruvian Spanish.

- (ADI) Arabic Dialect Identification Second iteration of the task included in the DSL 2016. This year we will be releasing acoustic data along with speech transcripts for the following Arabic dialects: Egyptian, Gulf, Levantine, and North-African, and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

- (GDI) German Dialect Identification In addition to Arabic dialects, we propose an analogous task on the identification of four Swiss German dialect areas: Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Zurich. We will provide manually annotated speech transcripts for all dialect areas.

- (CLP) Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing The task is to develop models for parsing selected target languages without annotated training data in that language but annotated data in one or two closely related languages. We will include the following language pairs: Target language = Croatian, Source language = Slovenian Target language = Slovak, Source language = Czech Target language = Norwegian, Source languages = Danish and Swedish

To participate and receive the training data please fill the registration form available at the workshop website. The test sets will be released on January 25, 2017.

Best, Marcos on behalf of the VarDial organizers -- Marcos Zampieri Saarland University http://www.marcoszampieri.com

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