[Corpora-List] LINGUIST List GeoLing service updates

Damir Cavar dcavar at me.com
Mon Jan 2 19:29:34 CET 2017

Hi everybody,

the LINGUIST List service GeoLing has been updated to now display all announcements on the LINGUIST List of the type conferences, institutions, local events, job announcements on a global map. We will display all postings as soon as they are mailed to the lists also on GeoLing. GeoLing works on mobile devices and desktops. If you allow for sharing of your location (we do not get or collect this info, it is kept in the libs for the map-service, openlayer), it shows you jobs, events, conferences, institutions in your region. Go to:


Some details can be found on the HOWTO page (the menu button is top left). The submission or contribution email is: calcard and then AT the domain linguistlist.org.

Local events can be directly read out from your organization's iCal. You can send us the URL of a readable calendar and the default location address (maybe as vCard attachment) and we can subscribe you to that. You can share a iCal/vCalendar attachment in an email with us as well, and we will import it to the local events layer of GeoLing.

If you want to have your institution up on GeoLing, send us a vCard as an email attachment with the full address (street, place, country) and the title, URL etc., and it will display there. You can do the same with your personal office address, if you want to share this with the world.

As an idea from a colleague, there was a suggestion to also display language resources on the map. This would mean that we could place a pin for some corpus or NLP tool there as well. There are various online catalogues that do that, but the additional service would be, I guess, to have those resources associated with geo-coordinates. We are able to do that, and we will add a tab in the GeoLing menu to display resources. If you create a vCard with the name of the resource, the full address of the institution that is responsible for it, the URL of it, contact email for example, etc., just send such vCards to us, we will set up the necessary infrastructure in the next days. In the categories field of the vCard you can specify language, type, etc.

Needless to say, the pop-up display of information for each pin will allow for "add to my calendar..." and "add to my address-book..." on mobile devices. Also, the current issue with overlapping pins for single locations will change soon. We were focusing on the backend to pipe the information from CalDAV and CardDAV servers, map the LINGUIST List postings to geo-coordinates, etc. The design updates are coming soon.

And, also needless to say, all submissions to LINGUIST and GeoLing are checked, validated, approved.

All the best!


-- Damir Cavar Dept. of Linguistics Indiana University http://cavar.me/damir/

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