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________________________________________ 30 November – 2 December 2017 Piazza Cesare Battisti, 1 – Bari http://www.uniba.it/elenco-siti-tematici/clavier17 ________________________________________

The Corpus and LAnguage Variation In English Research Group (CLAVIER) is pleased to announce its 2017 international conference focussing on specialised knowledge and ways in which specialised knowledge is represented and redefined.

CLAVIER shares a methodological framework that combines two complementary strands of linguistic investigation – corpus analysis and discourse analysis – to research on language variation in English, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Thus, one of the main aims of CLAVIER is to contribute to an integration of quantitative and qualitative methods in research on language variation in terms of diachronic, geographic and socio-cultural dimensions across genres/disciplines/domains and through the methodological tools offered by corpora.

This conference focusses on specialised knowledge, intended as the ways in which specialised discourse is construed, shaped, represented, transmitted, disseminated, accepted and analysed, as well as the ways in which specialised knowledge and discourse influence our everyday lives. Analytical approaches based on synchronic, diachronic and/or contrastive, interlinguistic and intercultural perspectives (including: translation; transcreation; simplification) are all equally welcome.

Papers are welcome on the above topics with reference to English and/or other natural languages.

Keynote speakers • Susan Hunston (University of Birmingham, UK) • Natalie Kübler (Université Paris Didérot, France) • Paul Thompson (University of Birmingham, UK) • Christopher Tribble (King’s College London, UK)

Dates to remember: 31 May 2017: Deadline for abstract submission 15 June 2017: Notification of outcome of submission 15 June – 30 July 2017: Early bird registration 31 July – 29 November 2017: standard registration 30 November – 2 December 2017: Conference 28 February 2018: Deadline for manuscript submission End of March: Notification of outcome of submission Summer 2018: Publication of volume of selected papers

Please see the complete CFT on the conference website.

Follow us on our facebook page: Clavier 2017 - Bari.

-- Francesca Bianchi, PhD Dip. di Studi Umanistici Università  del Salento Edificio Buon Pastore, Via Taranto 35, 73100 Lecce tel: 0039.0832.294436 cell: 0039.347.5710522

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