[Corpora-List] Words ambiguous for sentiment

Valerio Basile valerio.basile at inria.fr
Wed Apr 5 21:01:23 CEST 2017

Dear Keith,

> I was wondering if anyone had ever produced a list of words (or phrases)
that, in different contexts, change from having a positive to a negative sentiment. For example,

In a 2013 paper, we defined that property and called it 'polypathy': the property of a word of having different senses spread apart on the polarity scale.

Here is the paper:

Valerio Basile, Malvina Nissim: Sentiment analysis on Italian tweets, WASSA 2013 http://www.aclweb.org/anthology/W/W13/W13-16.pdf#page=112

And an informal explanation: http://valeriobasile.github.io/twita/sentix.html

We also gave a numerical definition of polypathy based on the positive and negative scores in SentiWordNet, where the polypathy score of a word, if I remember correctly, is the standard deviation of the distribution of the polarity scores of its synsets. I just noticed that the list of words by polypathy have somehow disappeared from my website. However, I found it and put it here:


'smashing' is indeed very high in the list.

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