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Hello everybody,

We are happy to announce the release of FEEL: a French Expanded Emotion Lexicon. It contains more than 14 000 distinct French terms associated with either the conveyed polarity and the expressed emotion(s). It follows the Ekman emotional typology (Ekman, 1992) with 2 polarities and 6 basic emotions classes.

FEEL has been created by translating and expanding the English Emotional Lexicon NRC-Canada (Mohammad & Turney, 2013). All its entries has been checked and validated manually by a human professional translator.

The Lexicon can be used freely for academic and economic purposes. It can be downloaded from the following web page: http://advanse.lirmm.fr/feel.php

*How to cite*

Amine Abdaoui, Jérôme Azé, Sandra Bringay et Pascal Poncelet. FEEL: French Expanded Emotion Lexicon. Language Resources and Evaluation, LRE 2016, pp 1-23.

*Article free access*

http://www.lirmm.fr/~abdaoui/publications/FEEL.pdf https://www.researchgate.net/publication/304342908_FEEL_a_French_Expanded_Emotion_Lexicon


Ekman, P., 1992. An argument for basic emotions. Cognition & emotion 6, 169–200. Mohammad, S.M., Turney, P.D., 2013. Crowdsourcing a Word-Emotion Association Lexicon. Computational Intelligence 29, 436–465.

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