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Informer: Spring 2016 Issue Out Now



Editorial By Udo Kruschwitz

Welcome to the Spring 2016 edition of Informer! We know we are a bit late this time but we wanted to find out how eagerly people are awaiting our next issue (not quite an A/B test but close enough) and yes, the readers' response was overwhelming and we promise not to delay the delivery of a future issue again - ever!

You will be surprised ...

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Conference Review: ECIR 2016 By Aldo Lipani & Gianluca Demartini

The 38th European Conference in Information Retrieval (ECIR), after 9 years of absence from Italy, comes back to Padua with an exceptional organisation made by the department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Padua, which did not disappoint any expectation. Padua, the learned Padua, gem of beauty and wisdom, is a city that stands on the Bacchiglione river in Veneto at just 30 km west from its chef-lieu, Venice. The fifth oldest university in the world, the loggia of the Palazzo Della Ragione, the world famous Scrovegni Chapel decorated by Giotto, the conviviality of the Pedrocchi Cafe, the elliptical shape Prato Della Valle square, the colours of the world's first Botanical Garden, are just some of the things Padua offers to its visitors...

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Searching for talent: The information retrieval challenges of recruitment professionals (part 1) By Tony Russell-Rose

A few months ago I published a post describing our InnovateUK research project investigating professional search strategies in the workplace. I'm pleased to say that the project has now completed, and we are currently analyzing the results. As you may recall, we surveyed a number of professions, and the one we examined first is (cue drum roll) ... recruitment professionals.

Yes, I know it's a profession that information retrieval researchers haven't traditionally given much thought to (myself included). However, it turns out that these individuals routinely create and execute some of the most complex search queries of any profession, and deal with challenges that most IR researchers would recognize as wholly within their compass (such as query expansion and optimization, results evaluation, etc.)...

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First International Workshop on Recent Trends in News Information Retrieval (NewsIR'16) By Marco Palomino & Ayse Göker

The First International Workshop on Recent Trends in News Information Retrieval (NewsIR'16) was held as part of the ECIR 2016 conference in Padua (Italy) on 20 March 2016. The workshop provided an opportunity for a diverse group of stakeholders - researchers, professionals and practitioners - involved in news-related information to come together and discuss the latest and most powerful uses of IR technology applied to news sources. Interest in the subject, combined with appropriate management and good advertisement, resulted in a fairly successful turn-out: more than 40 attendees were present in the room at all times and for all sessions. To take full advantage of the wide range of perspectives brought by the participants, the presentations were brief and allowed time for questions. Additionally, there were plenty of opportunities for networking during the coffee and lunch breaks, poster and break-out sessions, and the welcome reception at the end of the day...

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Events Spring 2016 By Andy Macfarlane

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