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First International Conference on Real Time Intelligent Systems (RTIS 2016) Beijing, China September 01-03, 2016) http://www.socio.org.uk/rtis/ http://www.dirf.org/rtis/

The Proceedings will be published in the Proceedings of the First International Conference on Real-Time Intelligent Systems, Volume 1 RTIS 2016. (http://www.springer.com/series/11156)

About the Conference

Real-Time Computing covers a broad spectrum of the intensively developing area of low-latency priority-driven system responsiveness under certain time constrains to essential and decisive human-computer interactions with constantly incoming data stream. Research on real-time intelligent systems is of a multi-disciplinary nature, exploiting concepts from the areas as diverse as signal processing technologies, computational intelligence, location systems, data processing, digital document processing and embedded system design. To accomplish its real-time performance, systematic analysis is carried out when the systems are working.

Therefore, over the last few years real-time intelligent computing has radically transformed human life style. In the today's competitive and highly dynamic environment, analyzing data in real time is a must to understand in detail how the systems are processing the data and to reason the outputs and anticipate the trends in intelligent computing, has become critical.

To leverage the full potential of the opportunity build complex real time systems, intense research is required and this conference will serve as one such platform to manifest the ongoing research in the real time intelligence system. The conference welcomes theoretically grounded, methodologically sound research papers from academia and industry that address variety of aspects and innovations related to real-time computing systems.

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

Streaming data, streaming engines Big Data systems and applications for high-velocity data Analysis in advanced domains such as energy, sensors, etc Artificial Intelligence Broadband Intelligence Cloud Computing and Intelligence Collaborative Intelligence Crowdsourcing and crowd intelligence Data capture in real-time Intelligent Database Systems Data mining Intelligent Data Analysis OLAP for real-time decision support Data quality and cleansing Intelligent Fuzzy Systems Event-driven analytics Visualizing real-time data and information Intelligent Soft Computing Privacy and security in Intelligence Architectures for Intelligence Internet of Things Intelligent Robotic Systems Smart Services and Platforms Intelligent Transportation Systems Mobile Smart Systems Trace-based intelligent real-time services (eye-tracking, image tracking) Real-time intelligent alert systems Machine translation in real time Multilingual information access Multiagent Intelligent Systems Intelligent Information Systems Adaptive vision algorithms Real-time Intelligent Network solutions Real-time distributed coding Real-time modelling user’s information needs Real-time noise removal systems Real-time intelligent communication Real-time remote access systems Decision support systems in real time Real-time multiprocessor systems

Submissions at: http://www.socio.org.uk/rtis/paper-submission/

The Proceedings will be published in the Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Real-Time Intelligent Systems, Volume 1 RTIS 2016. (http://www.springer.com/series/11156)

Important Dates

Paper Submission: June 15, 2016 Paper Notification: July 05, 2016 Camera ready: August 01, 2016 Registration: August 15, 2016 Conference Dates: September 01-03, 2016

The RTIS will have Doctoral Consortium, DEMO Session, Journal Track, Mentorship Programme, Ph.D. Dissertation Competition, Proofread translation program and Virtual Presentation (Video Conferencing)

The following journals will accommodate the extended versions of the papers.

-Artificial Intelligence in Medicine -Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence – The International Journal of Intelligent Real-Time Automation -Computers in Human Behaviour -Virtual Reality -The Journal of Intelligent Systems -Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM) -International Journal of Imaging & Robotics -International Journal of Tomography & Simulation

Submissions at: http://www.socio.org.uk/rtis/paper-submission/ CONTACT: rtis at socio.org.uk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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