[Corpora-List] GLAWI, a free French XML-encoded Machine-Readable Dictionary

Franck Sajous sajous at univ-tlse2.fr
Thu May 19 18:29:49 CEST 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to announce the release of GLAWI, a free French Machine-Readable Dictionary extracted from Wiktionnaire, the French language edition of Wiktionary.

The content, macro- and micro-structure of GLAWI are close to those of Wiktionnaire, but were structured, homogenized and encoded into XML to make the resource workable.

With more than 1.6 million articles, this dictionary includes:

- simple words, compounds and multiword expressions

- inflected forms and lemmas

- etymologies

- definitions (glosses and examples) in several formats, including full text and dependency parsing

- linguistic labels (attitudinal, diafrequential, diachronic, diatopic, domain, register, etc.)

- phonemic transcriptions in API, with diatopic variations

- translations

- semantic and morphological relations

- spelling variations

The resource can be downloaded at: http://redac.univ-tlse2.fr/lexicons/glawi_en.html

A documentation is available at: http://redac.univ-tlse2.fr/lexicons/glawi/doc/index.html

Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome.

Franck Sajous, Nabil Hathout and Basilio Calderone.


Franck Sajous

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