[Corpora-List] Rights and permissions Q.

Krishnamurthy, Ramesh r.krishnamurthy at aston.ac.uk
Fri Mar 18 12:20:20 CET 2016

Hi Shala

Yes... it may be rather out of date now, but please see R. Krishnamurthy (1996) Ethnic, racial and tribal: The language of racism?<http://acorn.aston.ac.uk/RK-publications/2007-ethnic-CL_Vol5_C092.pdf> pp 129-149 in Texts and Practices, eds. C.R. Caldas-Coulthard & M. Coulthard, London: Routledge; reprinted in W. Teubert & R. Krishnamurthy (eds) Corpus Linguistics vol 1-6 (Critical Concepts in Linguistics), London: Routledge.

I used and included the 4 complete newspaper articles that I analysed. As far as I know, the copyright law has not been changed in any country to exclude 'fair use'... provided the analysis is purely for academic purposes?

best wishes Ramesh

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Has anyone written an analysis based heavily on one or two newspaper or magazine articles in which about 80% or so of the original is used, but every citation - phrase to 3 sentences - is interspersed with analysis, diagrams, etc? Would that fall under fair use?

Thank you for your thoughts,

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