[Corpora-List] Call for participation: INTEROP (LREC 2016 workshop)

Richard Eckart de Castilho eckart at ukp.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Mar 15 16:15:30 CET 2016

Cross-Platform Text Mining and Natural Language Processing Interoperability pre-conference workhops at LREC 2016

When: 23 May 2016

Where: Grand Hotel Bernardin Conference Center, Portorož, Slovenia

Invited speaker: Alessandro di Bari (IBM)

Accepted submissions and lightning talks:

- Text mining for notability computation

Gil Francopoulo, Joseph Mariani and Patrick Paroubek - Linked Data and Text Mining as an Enabler for Reproducible Research

John Philip McCrae, Georgeta Bordea and Paul Buitelaar - Emotion Detection using Online Machine Learning Method and TLBO on

Mixed Script

Shashank Sharma, PYKL Srinivas and Rakesh Balabantaray - Alveo: making data accessible through a unified interface – a pipe-dream?

Dominique Estival - Tackling Resource Interoperability: Principles, Strategies and Models

Wim Peters - Integration of UIMA Text Mining Components into an Event-based

Asynchronous Microservice Architecture

Sven Hodapp, Sumit Madan, Juliane Fluck and Marc Zimmermann - The Language Application Grid

Nancy Ide, Keith Suderman, James Pustejovsky, Marc Verhagen,

Christopher Cieri and Eric Nyberg - Multilingual Event Detection using the NewsReader pipelines

Rodrigo Agerri, Itziar Aldabe, Egoitz Laparra, German Rigau,

Antske Fokkens, Paul Huijgen, Marieke van Erp, Ruben Izquierdo Bevia,

Piek Vossen, Anne-Lyse Minard and Bernardo Magnini - A Compositional Approach to Extracting Neuron Types and Subtypes

Renaud Richardet, Shreejoy Tripathy, Jean-CÚdric Chappelier,

Paul Pavlidis and Sean Hill - Why We Need a Text and Data Mining Exception (but it is not enough)

Tom Margoni and Giulia Dore - Legal Interoperability Issues in the Framework of the OpenMinTeD

Project: a Methodological Overview

Penny Labropoulou, Stelios Piperidis and Tom Margoni - Interoperability = f(community, division of labour)

Richard Eckart de Castilho - The DDINCBI Corpus — Towards a Larger Resource for Drug-Drug

Interactions in PubMed

Lana Yeganova, Sun Kim, Grigory Balasanov, Kristin Bennett,

Haibin Liu and W. John Wilbur - Aggregating Research Papers from Publishers’ Systems to Support Text

and Data Mining: Deliberate Lack of Interoperability or Not?

Petr Knoth and Nancy Pontika - Interoperability of corpus processing workflow engines: the case of

AlvisNLP/ML in OpenMinTeD

Mouhamadou Ba and Robert Bossy

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