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(with apologies for cross-posting)

*Lexicom 2016 (EU): Vienna, Austria <http://www.lexmasterclass.com>* *and* *Lexicom 2016 (US): Boulder, Colorado*

*Workshop in Lexicography, Corpus Linguistics and Lexical Computing*

*Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria, July 11th-15th 2016University of Colorado in Boulder, June 6th-10th, 2016* Lexicom is a five-day intensive workshop created by the Lexicography MasterClass <http://www.lexmasterclass.com/>. Seminars on theoretical issues alternate with hands-on work using a range of corpus-analysis and other software tools. Working in small groups or individually, you will learn how to develop dictionaries and other lexical resources, from the creation and annotation of corpora to the planning, design and writing of lexical entries. This is the workshop's sixteenth year and we now have over 400 graduates, from all parts of the world: reviews of previous events can be found here <http://www.lexmasterclass.com/previous-lexicom-workshops/>. It will be led by Michael Rundell <http://www.lexmasterclass.com/people/michael-rundell/>, Miloš Jakubíček <http://nlp.fi.muni.cz/~xjakub> and Vojtěch Kovář <https://nlp.fi.muni.cz/~xkovar3/>

In 2016, there will be two Lexicom workshops: one in Europe and one in the US. For details of both events, and registration, go to http://www.lexmasterclass.com/

Milos Jakubicek

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