[Corpora-List] Law and judgement cases corpus wanted

Parth Mehta parth.mehta126 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 10:03:58 CET 2016

Hi Nathan,

You can have a look at the corpus made available under the 'Legal Information Access' track at Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation (FIRE). It primarily consists of court Judgements from various High courts, consumer court and the supreme court of India. The proceedings are in English.

The adhoc retrieval corpus is larger one and for most parts not very noisy (some of them were converted from pdfs and bound to be noisy). It contains ~1.5 Lakh documents.

The summarization corpus consists of ~2000 Judgements. It is a proper subset of the above mentioned corpus but is completely noise free.

More information is available at:

http://fire.irsi.res.in/fire/legal http://www.isical.ac.in/~fire/2013/legal.html

A part of this corpus is also available in HTML format and you can contact me (I was on of the organizers of the track) if you wish to use the HTML version.

Regards, Parth Mehta DA-IICT

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> Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 01:50:43 +0800
> From: Nathan Hu <nathan3dvrlab at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Corpora-List] Law and judgement cases corpus wanted
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> Hi,
> Does anyone know where can I find law or judgement cases corpus?
> Is there any open resources?
> Best,
> Nathan
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