[Corpora-List] CfP: Deadline extension for the RichMedSem Workshop at ESWC 2016 -- 14.03.2016

Thierry Declerck declerck at dfki.de
Thu Mar 3 13:44:22 CET 2016

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the deadline for submissions to the ESWC 2016 Workshop on "Extraction and Processing of Rich Semantics from Medical Texts (RichMedSem)" has been extended to the 14th of March 2016. Details of the Workshop are here: http://www.dfki.de/richmedsem/


Applications for rich semantics

Patient stratification and patient retrieval through rich semantics

Digital Patient Modelling

Clinical decision support systems and knowledge-based systems

Extraction of medical sentiments

Machine learning and lexicon-based methods for medical sentiment analysis

Specific language models for sentiment analysis

Deep learning and its usage in medical sentiment analysis

Analysis of extracted rich semantics from medical texts

Extraction of negation, uncertainty or intentions

Extraction and interpretation of quality, quantity, extent, severity indicators

Extraction of correlation between events

Topic detection and modelling in clinical text

Context scope determination Event extraction in medical texts

Event extraction from medical texts

Identification of relationship between events

Causality analysis between events in the medical domain

Corpus and gold standard generation for clinical domain

Annotation management

Schema definition

Annotation toolkits

Corpus sharing (convention with exchange schema)

Predictive modelling for morbidity and mortality based on medical semantics

Predictive modelling for temporal prediction

Predictive modelling suitable for clinical sparse data

Predictive modelling coping with uncertainty

Submissions should not exceed 12 pages and are to be formatted according to the Springer LNCS template and submitted to RichMedSem - 2016. Papers should be submitted in PDF format. We encourage various types of submission:

full papers (max 12 pages) for mature research work which has been subject to evaluation

poster/demo submissions (max 4 pages) for presenting early results, working demos, software, services and platforms.

With our best regards

Thierry Declerck

--  Thierry Declerck, Senior Consultant at DFKI GmbH, Language Technology Lab Stuhlsatzenhausweg, 3 D-66123 Saarbruecken Phone: +49 681 / 857 75-53 58 Fax: +49 681 / 857 75-53 38 email: declerck at dfki.de

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