[Corpora-List] META-FORUM 2016: Final Call for Participation

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4/5 July 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

*http://www.meta-forum.eu <http://www.meta-forum.eu/> *

*Final Invitation and Call for Participation*

META-FORUM is a conference series organised by META-NET, a European network of excellence that consists of 60 research centres in 34 European countries. META-FORUM 2016 is the sixth edition of the event and will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 4/5 July.

*META-FORUM 2016 Programme and Poster Sessions:*

- http://www.meta-forum.eu/programme

- http://www.meta-forum.eu/postersessions

*META-FORUM 2016 Sessions:*

- The Data Economy and the Multilingual Digital Single Market – Aligning

our Agendas

- Multilingual Technologies: Research and Innovation for the

Multilingual Digital Single Market

- Interoperability of Quality – Is Language Technology ready to help us

make Big Decisions with Big Data?

- Towards a Shared Programme between European Countries and the European

Union? A Panel Discussion with Representatives of Funding Agencies

- Text Analytics and Curation Technologies for the Multilingual Digital

Single Market

- Strategies, Technologies and Infrastructures for Multilingual Europe

- Multilingual Europe: News and Recent Developments from the Language

Communities – Panel Discussion

- Multilingual Technologies: Machine Translation in Public Services

- Towards an Update of the META-NET Strategic Research Agenda

- European Research Excellence in Language Technologies featuring ERC

Grant Holders

- Platforms and Infrastructures for Multilingual Europe: Panel Discussion

- Award Ceremony – META Seal of Recognition, META Prize

*META-FORUM 2016 Invited Keynotes:*

- Ryan McDonald (Google): Multilingual Europe as a Challenge for

Language Technology

- Declan Groves (Microsoft): Language Technologies for a Multilingual

Customer Experience

*Registration is free of charge. Please register at:*


Acknowledgment: The first funded phase of META-NET was successfully completed in 2013 through the EU-funded projects T4ME, CESAR, METANET4U and META-NORD. The second phase of the META-NET initiative started in 2015, initially funded through the EU-project CRACKER (2015-2017). META-FORUM 2016 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 645357 (CRACKER). CRACKER is also the initiator and driver of the emerging Cracking the Language Barrier federation, consisting of organisations and projects that work on technologies for a Multilingual Europe.

http://www.meta-forum.euhttp://www.meta-net.eu http://www.cracker-project.euhttp://www.cracking-the-language-barrier.eu

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