[Corpora-List] Online explorer for sociolinguistic variation at scale

Dirk Hovy dirk.hovy at hum.ku.dk
Wed Jun 15 10:44:42 CEST 2016

Dear all

We are excited to introduce Humboldt, an online exploration tool for large-scale sociolinguistics. Humboldt allows you to explore lexical variation along several demographic dimensions (age, gender, and region) and get visualizations, statistical analysis, and maps.

Try it at http://www.languagevariation.com

Currently, we have data for Danish, Dutch, English, French, and German, but we are working on incorporating more languages and resources into Humboldt, and a way to search for lexico-syntactic patterns such as "as ADJ as NOUN". Stay tuned!


Dirk and Anders

Dirk Hovy Center for Language Technology University of Copenhagen Njalsgade 140 DK-2300 Copenhagen S phone: +45 21 26 55 76 http://www.dirkhovy.com http://www.languagevariation.com

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