[Corpora-List] What's best practice for publishing your research results (corpus data) online?

Roman Yangarber Roman.Yangarber at cs.helsinki.fi
Mon Jun 13 21:36:54 CEST 2016

Specifically regarding under-resourced languages: when contacting copyright holders, it may help to mention to them that sharing can bring some benefits. By granting you the needed rights, they will help to create resources for the language, which will strengthen the language, its image, etc. Even the novelist, who may have interests in protecting the copyright, may benefit from the distribution of some of his work, which you will provide.

Best of luck

On 13/06/16 21:42, Martin Reynaert wrote:
> Dear Ikechukwu,
> While building the corpus of written Dutch, SoNaR, for which we
> arranged Intellectual Property Rights for all of its 545 million
> words, my colleague and I wrote a manual about how we tackled things.
> There should have been a second edition detailing our further findings
> mainly in the Netherlands, but this might still give you pointers on
> how to proceed.
> It is here:
> http://www.lt3.ugent.be/publications/sonar-acquisition-manual-version-10/
> Good luck!
> Cheers,
> Martin
> On 13/06/16 18:34, Ikechukwu E Onyenwe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am a research student working on developing NLP resources for
>> under-resource languages, currently focusing on Igbo (an African
>> language). A couple of NLP resources have been developed and I am
>> about publishing these resources on a website designed for IgboNLP
>> project to be freely available for researchers who want to use them.
>> Since part of the electronic texts I used are from two main
>> sources- Bible texts from a religious website and novel via email
>> (not directly from the author), My question is, do I need to contact
>> these individuals for permission?
>> Thanks.
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