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Internship in Gesture-Speech Annotation (M/F)


GETUI investigates through user studies the use of gestures in interaction with Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) in the context of technology-based assessment (TBA) of collaborative and complex problem solving skills. In GETUI, the user studies will result in a big corpus of video and audio material of about 9 hours which has to be annotated and evaluated. The goal of the annotation is to explore the frequency of gestures, the various types of gestures as well as their temporal synchronisation with speech.

*Related Literature:*

* ELAN tool: https://tla.mpi.nl/tools/tla-tools/elan/

* ANVIL tool: www.anvil-software.org <http://www.anvil-software.org/>

* GETUI project: www.list.lu/en/project/getui/


* Wagner, P., Malisz, Z., Kopp, S. 2014. Gesture and Speech in

Interaction: An Overview. Speech Communication, 57(Special Iss.):

209-232: www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167639313001295



The goal of the internship is mainly the gesture-speech annotation using a video annotation tool. The trainee will be provided with the video annotation tool (some examples are ELAN and ANVIL) and an instruction tutorial by the trainer. While watching the audio-visual material, the trainee will have to note down 1) which kind of gesture is being performed at which moment and 2) transcribing the speech of the user at the same time.

The exact tasks of the trainee are:

* Make video conversions/extractions;

* Work on annotation using the video annotation tool;

* Write documentation while annotating;

* Create a gesture taxonomy of various types of gestures;

* Create an annotation schema for gestures on Tangible User Interfaces;

* Document the activities performed and transfer the knowledge

acquired, possibly through a scientific paper written with a supervisor.


* The successful trainee should be currently studying at the

department of computational linguistics, computer science or a

related field.

* Knowledge and experience in language sciences and gesture studies is

an asset, but not required.

For any questions regarding the background of the internship, feel free to contact Dr. Dimitra Anastasiou by email: dimitra.anastasiou at list.lu <mailto:dimitra.anastasiou at list.lu>

More information at: http://www.list.lu/en/jobs/internships/internship-offer/itis-2016-trainee-emb4/

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