[Corpora-List] Contrastive analysis of coreference annotation schemata

Maciej Ogrodniczuk maciej.ogrodniczuk at ipipan.waw.pl
Wed Jul 20 16:19:01 CEST 2016

Dear Anaphora and Coreference Community,

In our book on coreference (http://www.degruyter.com/view/product/428667) we attempted at gathering all available coreference annotation schemata to provide their contrastive analysis. This resulted in a table (attached) which I would now like to update with new languages and sources as well as new editions of the resources we had originally described.

Would you be so kind and share information on your resources with me? Here is a short template for your convenience:

-------------------------------- Reference: [publication describing the resource] Language: Size: [preferably in tokens] Underlying syntactic annotation: [YES/NO] Zero subjects: [YES/NO] Nested NGs: [YES/NO] Split NGs: [YES/NO] Attributive NGs: [YES/NO] Discourse deixis: [YES/NO] Other mentions: Head markup: [syntactic/semantic] Relation types: Inter-annotator agreement: --------------------------------

If you see any errors in the present version of the table please accept my apologies and provide me with an update.

Thank you, Maciej Ogrodniczuk Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences

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