[Corpora-List] C at merata: Querying Musical Scores with English Noun Phrases

Sutcliffe, Richard F E rsutcl at essex.ac.uk
Fri Apr 22 18:48:42 CEST 2016

Registration for the C at merata 2016 task at MediaEval is now open!

There are 200 questions each year which a participant's system has to answer automatically. A question is a short string "F4 crotchet in the oboe" and it comes with a classical music score in MusicXML. The required answer to this question is a set of one or more passages like this:

[ 3/4, 2, 5:1-5:2 ] [ 3/4, 2, 29:1-29:2 ] [ 3/4, 2, 64:3-64:4 ] [ 3/4, 2, 7:5-7:6 ]

These specify exact places in the score where the oboe is playing a note of a particular pitch (F4) and length (crotchet). Evaluation of participant runs is by forms of Precision, Recall and F-Measure which we have devised for the purpose.

The long-term aim of C at merata is to deepen our knowledge of computer musicology by investigating the link between musicological texts and the music itself.

Now in its third year, the task suits experts in natural language processing who have a good knowledge of Western classical music or musicologists who have a good knowledge of programming. In particular, if you are a Python programmer we have tools which can help you get started.

Each year, the questions become more complicated. This year, they are being derived from various sources including music theory exam papers, musicological text books and Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians (Grove Online).

Task organizers Richard Sutcliffe, University of Essex, UK Eduard Hovy, Carnegie-Mellon University, USA Deane L. Root, University of Pittsburgh, USA Chris Fox, University of Essex, UK Richard Lewis, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK Tom Collins, De Montfort University, UK

Task schedule Now: Registration for the task 3rd May: Release of training data 13th-17th June: Download of questions, upload of answers 24th June: Results to participants 8th July: Submission of draft papers for review 30th September: Submission of final papers to MediaEval organisers 20th-21st October: MediaEval Workshop in Amsterdam, right after ACM MM 2016

For further information, including all the papers from C at merata 2014 and C at merata 2015 see http://csee.essex.ac.uk/camerata and http://www.multimediaeval.org/mediaeval2016/camerata. Registration for the task is at https://www.aanmelder.nl/mediaeval2016/subscribe.

For any enquiries, please contact Richard Sutcliffe: r s u t c l (at) essex (dot) ac (dot) uk.

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