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We would like to inform you that the call for papers for Issue 56 of Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural journal is open and available at http://www.sepln.org/


The aim of the journal Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural<http://www.sepln.org/?page_id=348> is to provide a forum for the publication of scientific-technical articles in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), for both the national and international scientific community. The articles must be unpublished and cannot be simultaneously submitted for publication by other journals or conference proceedings. The journal also aims to promote the development of areas related to NLP, disseminate research carried out, identify future guidelines for basic research, and present software applications in this field. Every year the Sociedad Española de Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural (SEPLN) publishes two issues of the journal, including original articles, presentations of R&D projects, book reviews and summaries of PhD theses. The print edition of the journal is distributed freely to the SEPLN members, but an open access journal is also freely available to all online readers.


-Linguistic, mathematic and psycholinguistic models of language -Corpus linguistics -Morphological, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic analysis -Development of linguistic resources and tools -Linguistic, mathematic and psycholinguistic models of language -NLP evaluation systems -Computational Lexicography and Terminology -Word Sense Disambiguation -Monolingual and multilingual text generation -Speech synthesis and recognition -Machine translation -Monolingual and multilingual information extraction and retrieval -Question answering systems -Text summarization -Machine Learning in NLP -Semantics, pragmatics and discourse -Textual entailment and paraphrases -Sentiment analysis -Opinion Mining -NLP in biomedical domain. -NLP-based generation of teaching resources. -NLP for languages with limited resources. -NLP industrial applications.

Submission Information:

The proposal must be submitted by November 13th, 2014 and must meet certain format and style requirements.

All submissions must be in PDF format and submitted electronically using the Myreview system available at:

http://www.sepln.org/myreview-sepln56/ Submitted papers will be subjected to a blind review by at least three members of the program committee.

Information for Authors:

The proposals can be written in Spanish or English, and should be at most 8 A4-size pages in length including the references for articles and 4 pages for summaries of PhD theses. The proposals must include the following sections:

-The title of the communication (in English and Spanish). -An abstract in English and Spanish (maximum 150 words). -A list of keywords or related topics (in English and Spanish). -The documents must not include headers or footers.

As reviewing will be blind, the paper should not include the authors’ names and affiliation. Furthermore, self references that reveal the author’s identity should be avoided. The articles should only include the title, the abstract, the keywords and the proposal.

We recommend using the LaTeX and Word templates that can be downloaded from the SEPLN web: <http://www.sepln.org/home-2/revista/instrucciones-autor/> http://www.sepln.org/home-2/revista/instrucciones-autor/

Committee Program:

Manuel de Buenaga Rodríguez<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/43')>, Universidad Europea de Madrid (España) Sylviane Cardey-GreenfieldCentre de recherche en linguistique et traitement automatique des langues, Lucien Tesnière. Besançon (Francia) Irene Castellón Masalles<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/14')>, Universitat de Barcelona (España) Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/15')>, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (España) Antonio Ferrández Rodríguez<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/17')>, Universitat d'Alacant (España) Alexander Gelbukh<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/20')>, Instituto Politécnico Nacional (México) Koldo Gojenola Galletebeitia<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/21')>, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (España) Xavier Gómez Guinovart<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/22')>, Universidade de Vigo (España) José Miguel Goñi Menoyo<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/24')>, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (España) Ramón López-Cozar Delgado, Universidad de Granada (España) Bernardo Magnini<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/25')>, Fondazionione Bruno Kessier (Italia) Nuno J. Mamede<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/26')>, Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores Investigaçao e Desenvolvimiento (Portugal) María Antònia Martí Antonín<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/28')>, Universitat de Barcelona (España) María Teresa Martín Valdivia<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/8')>, Universidad de Jaén (España) Patricio Martínez Barco<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/5')>, Universidad de Alicante (España) Raquel Martínez Unanue<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/29')>, UNED (España) Ruslan Mitkov<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/30')>, Universidad de Wolverhampton (Reino Unido) Manuel Montes y Gómez<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/31')>, INAOE (México) Lidia Moreno Boronat<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/32')>, Universitat Politècnica de València (España) Lluís Padró Cirera<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/33')>, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (España) Manuel Palomar Sanz<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/6')>, Universidad de Alicante (España) Ferran Pla Santamaría<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/34')>, Universitat Politècnica de València (España) German Rigau Claramunt<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/35')>, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (España) Horacio Rodríguez Hontoria<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/36')>, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (España) Leonel Ruiz Miyares<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/37')>, Centro de Lingüística Aplicada de Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) Kepa Sarasola Gabiola<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/39')>, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (España) Emilio Sanchís Arnal<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/38')>, Universitat Politècnica de València (España) Thamar Solorio<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/307')>, Universidad de Houston (EE.UU) Maite Taboada<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/308')>, Universidad de Simon Fraser (Canadá) Mariona Taulé Delor, Universitat de Barcelona (España) Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/277')>, Laboratoire Informatique d'Avignon/Université d'Avignon (Francia) José Antonio Troyano Jiménez<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/305')>, Universidad de Sevilla (España) L. Alfonso Ureña López<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/44')>, Universidad de Jaén (España) Rafael Valencia García<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/306')>, Universidad de Murcia (España) Felisa Verdejo<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/7')> Maíllo, UNED (España) Manuel Vilares Ferro<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/40')>, Universidad de A Coruña (España) Luis Villaseñor-Pineda<javascript:openRTWindow('http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/about/editorialTeamBio/60')>, Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica (Mexico)

Important dates:

Submission deadline: 13 November 2015 Notification of acceptance: 19 January 2016 Camera ready: 31 January 2016

Contact person: Mariona Taulé (mtaule at ub.edu<mailto:mtaule at ub.edu>) Editorial Committee of the Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural

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