[Corpora-List] Soft: New version of the free LIMA multilingual analyzer, release v2.1

Gaël de Chalendar gael.de-chalendar at cea.fr
Wed Sep 23 10:52:35 CEST 2015

The LIMA team is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of its free multilingual analyzer.

LIMA is available under the AGPL v3.0 license.

Information and download: https://github.com/aymara/lima/wiki

User visible changes:

- Easier install with binary packages (currently for Ubuntu 12.04 and


- Named entities with components (identify persons name and surname for


- Documentation improvements;

- Add option to split input files in analyzeText ;

- Better reporting of external process unit errors;

- First steps of a http REST Lima server.

Internal changes:

- Added more unit and functional tests;

- Travis continuous integration and Bintray deployment;

- Optimizations in release mode;

- Loggers optimization;

- Compile under Windows;

- Several bug corrections;

- Use d-pointer design pattern in more classes;

- Add some Doxygen comments;

- Use Qt temp files instead of hard coded ones;

- Switch to Qt5.

Gaël de Chalendar

-- Gael de Chalendar CEA LIST Laboratoire Vision et Ingénierie des Contenus (Vision and Content Engineering Laboratory)

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Tél.:+ Fax:+ Email : Gael.D.O.T.de-Chalendar.A at T.cea.D.O.T.fr

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