[Corpora-List] Language in Contrast: Call for Papers

Dylan Glynn dylan.glynn at univ-paris8.fr
Mon Sep 14 19:10:53 CEST 2015

*Language in Contrast** **Diachronic, variationist, and cross-linguistic studies of English*

University of Paris VIII and University of Paris X 4-5 December 2015 http://www.dsglynn.univ-paris8.fr/licparis2015.html

This conference will be a forum for contrastive studies (with an emphasis on English). The theme of contrast intended to inlcude any inter- or intra- linguistic variation. Therefore, studies that contrast different geographic, sociolinguistic, or historical varities just as studies that contrast entire languages are welcome. From comparative grammar to varriationist sociolinguistics and critical discourse anlaysis, the use of contrast in langauge science is an estblished heuristic. By confronting different languages or varieties of the same language, the organizers hope to bring to better bring to light previously unnoticed phenomena or to gain impreoved undertdanding of well-knnown phenoneman. Studies on any facet of English are welcome (from phonetics to pragmatics, from a diachronic or synchronic perspective, concerning acquisition or translation, quantitative analyses, etc.), the only requirement being that study be empirical and contrastive in approach:

- comparing English and another language - comparing one variety of English with one or more sociolinguistic varieties of English - comparing contemporary English with one or more historical varieties of English * **Plenaries Speakers* Eric Corre & Debra Ziegeler (Université Paris III) Title: TBA

Martin Hilpert (University of Neuchâtel) Title: Meaning change in a petri dish. Constructions, semantic vector spaces, and motion charts

Anatol Stefanowitsch (University of Berlin) Title: TBA

Benedikt Szmrecsanyi (University of Leuven) Contrastive Probabilistic Grammar

*Call for Papers* Each abstract must necessarily detail: (i) Question / Problematic; (ii) Data / Method; (iii) Analysis; (iv) (Expected) Results. - Abstracts should be anonymous. - IMRaD or some comparable structure is suggested. - The abstract should be no longer than 500 words including references. - Make sure references are accurate - Add 3-5 keywords. - Use a modifiable file format (rtf, doc, etc). - Send the abstract to LiC.Paris2015 at gmail.com by the 10th October - The email should contain the title of the abstract as well as the name(s) and affiliation(s)

Any questions should be directed to the organisers listed below and not to the submission email address.

*Dates* Conference 4-5th December 2015 Submission 10th October 2015 Notification 16th October 2015

*Registration* Registration will be 20 Euros or below. Further details concerning registration will be forthcoming.

*Organisation* Dylan Glynn - dglynn at univ-paris8.fr Lilli Parrott - lillian.parrott at univ-paris8.fr Linguistique empirique : Cognition, Société et Langage (LeCSeL) EA 1569 : Transferts critiques et dynamiques des savoirs University of Paris VIII

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