[Corpora-List] Tenure-track and research faculty positions -- TTI-Chicago

Kevin Gimpel kgimpel at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Sep 17 16:20:55 CEST 2015

Hi all,

TTI-Chicago invites applications for faculty positions at the level of tenure-track and senior (tenured) professor, endowed three-year Research Assistant Professor, and visiting professor. Hiring is taking place in all research areas, including speech and language processing.

TTI-Chicago is a philanthropically endowed, academic computer science institute situated on the University of Chicago campus, and is dedicated to basic research and graduate education in computer science. Tenure-track faculty teach one quarter per year. Research faculty have no teaching duties, but have the opportunity to teach and co-advise students.

Current faculty with interests in speech and language include Sadaoki Furui, David McAllester, Karen Livescu, Matthew Walter, Kevin Gimpel, and Mohit Bansal. To learn more or to apply, see http://www.ttic.edu/faculty-hiring.php. For additional information about the speech and language areas, please contact Kevin Gimpel at kgimpel at ttic.edu or Karen Livescu at klivescu at ttic.edu.

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