[Corpora-List] Call for tutorial proposals: Second International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralic Languages

Eszter Simon simon.eszter at nytud.mta.hu
Thu Sep 17 14:10:42 CEST 2015

We solicit proposals for tutorials for presentation at the Second International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralic Languages <http://rgai.inf.u-szeged.hu/iwclul2016>.

We accept tutorial proposals working on the following languages: Finnish, Hungarian, Estonian, Vőro, the Sámi languages, Komi (Zyrian, Permyak), Mordvin (Erzya, Moksha), Mari (Hill, Meadow), Udmurt, Nenets (Tundra, Forest), Enets, Nganasan, Selkup, Mansi, Khanty, Veps, Karelian (Olonets), Karelian, Ingrian (Izhorian), Votic, Livonian, Ludic, and other related languages.

Tutorials will present systems and standards towards the goal of interoperability and unification of different projects, applications and research groups. Appropriate topics include (but are not limited to):


Parsers, analysers and processing pipelines of Uralic languages


Lexical databases, electronic dictionaries


Finished end-user applications aimed at Uralic languages, such as

spelling or grammar checkers, machine translation or speech processing


Evaluation methods and gold standards, tagged corpora, treebanks


Any work that aims at combining efforts and reducing duplication of work


How to elicit activity from the language community, agitation campaigns,

games with a purpose

Since the majority of Uralic languages suffer from a lack of resources and many are endangered, topics considering language documentation, audio and video recording and processing, corpus development, annotations, lexicography, metadata, archiving, and ethics

with regard to endangered languages are also welcome.

To maximise the possibility of reproducibility, replication and reuse, we particularly encourage submissions which present free/open-source language resources and make use of free/open-source software.

We plan to make one or two tutorial(s), each lasting one and a half hour.

The tutorial proposal should describe concisely the content, importance and timeliness of the tutorial. It should contain the following sections:

1. Title of the tutorial;

2. Outline of the tutorial;

3. The tutorial speaker(s) and the topics they will cover in the tutorial;

4. Brief CVs for each tutorial speaker (no more than 300 words per person);

5. Importance and timeliness of the tutorial;

6. Previous lecture and tutorial experience of the tutorial speaker(s).

Submitted tutorial proposal should not exceed five pages and it should be submitted in one all-in-one PDF file. The deadline for submissions is 2 November 2015. The proposal document should be sent to the organising committee to iwclul-2016 at googlegroups.com.

If you have any questions, please contact the organisers on iwclul-2016 at googlegroups.com.

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