[Corpora-List] FoFTN: Friends of Friends and Topical Networks ...

Albretch Mueller lbrtchx at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 10:10:03 CEST 2015

It is virtually impossible to use the Internet nowadays.

1) most Web sites are censored and/or "curated" (many of them self-censor themselves)

2) trolls, shills and all kinds of state-sponsored sock-puppetry flood fora

3) most documents are unnecessarily repeated

4) Ideally I would like to not deal with the problem of sequence, some sort of categorization and stratification should point me to what I need to pay attention to and bypass all the blah blah, set ups and all kinds of verbosity which make like 80% of all texts

There are still some people whose criteria I would like to follow

I wonder how do you implement trust, which to me is kind of a forest of DAGs with some sort of relative Bayesian weightings.

I trust A so I would like to be notified on what she has to say regarding particular themes. A in turn trusts B, but B trusts C whom I don't trust ... There are many such cases, in fact that might be more of a topological problem

I want for it to associate, both, based on people and the content of previous messages I or other people I trust have posted and I want to exclude from my views people's comments I don't care about. This way you don't have to care about moderating/chaperoning fora. People would take care of that for themselves

Any implementation of such things? An RFC at least?



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