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We are proud to announce the publication of a John Benjamins volume which has arisen from the TaLC10 conference in Warsaw in 2012.

Multiple Affordances of Language Corpora for Data-driven Learning Edited by Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska and Alex Boulton

In recent years, corpora have found their way into language instruction, albeit often indirectly, through their role in syllabus and course design and in the production of teaching materials and other resources. An alternative and more innovative use is for teachers and students alike to explore corpus data directly as part of the learning process. This volume addresses this latter application of corpora by providing research insights firmly based in the classroom context and reporting on several state-of-the-art projects around the world where learners have direct access to corpus resources and tools and utilize them to improve their control of the language systems and skills or their professional expertise as translators. Its aim is to present recent advances in data-driven learning, addressing issues involving different types of corpora, for different learner profiles, in different ways for different purposes, and using a variety of different research methodologies and perspectives.

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 69] 2015. vii, 312 pp.

Table of contents

Introduction: Data-driven learning in language pedagogy

Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska and Alex Boulton Data-driven learning and language learning theories: Whither the twain shall meet

Lynne Flowerdew Teaching and language corpora: Perspectives from a personal journey

Christopher Tribble

Part I. Corpora for language learning

Learning phraseology from speech corpora

Guy Aston Stealing a march on collocation: Deriving extended collocations from full text for student analysis and ynthesis

James Thomas A corpus and grammatical browsing system for remedial EFL learners

Kiyomi Chujo, Kathryn Oghigian and Shiro Akasegawa

Part II. Corpora for skills development

Same task, different corpus: The role of personal corpora in EAP classes

Maggie Charles Textual cohesion patterns for developing reading skills: A corpus-based multilingual learning environment

Svitlana Babych Exploiting keywords in a DDL approach to the comprehension of news texts by lower-level students

Alejandro Curado Fuentes

Part III. Corpora for translation training

Webquests in translator training: Introducing corpus-based tasks

Teresa MolÚs-Cases and Ulrike Oster Enhancing translator trainees' awareness of source text interference through use of comparable corpora

Josep Marco and Heike van Lawick Using a multimedia corpus of subtitles in translation training: Design and applications of the Veiga corpus

Patricia Sotelo Applying data-driven learning to the web

Alex Boulton

Notes on contributors Publically-available corpus tools and resources discussed in the book Subject Index Author Index

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