[Corpora-List] Call for Papers: Special issue on Innovations in Clinical Informatics

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Guest editors

Kavishwar Wagholikar (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Manabu Torii (Kaiser Permanente Southern California)

Qian Zhu (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Robert Freimuth (Mayo Clinic)

Siddhartha Jonnalagadda (Northwestern University <http://www.feinberg.northwestern.edu/index.html>) Thankam Paul Thyvalikakath (Indiana University) <http://www.iusd.iupui.edu/>

Editor-In-Chief: John Pestian(Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center)

Description of Special Issue

The growth of big data provides unprecedented opportunity to innovations in biomedical informatics. Many of these innovations are early phases awaiting rigorous evaluation. Some, however, can provide insight for the research community.

This special issue invites manuscripts about leading edge innovations clinical informatics that can offer insight into how these innovations can go from the bench to the bedside.

Topics include but are not limited to:

• Phenotyping

• Cohort identification

• Guideline and workflow simulation and modelling

• Natural language processing including text and speech

• Methods and application for meaningful use evaluation

• Validation guidelines for introducing new methods into care

• Standards, ontology, and controlled vocabulary use in clinical decision support

• Multimodal data fusion and analysis method

• Other related tools

We invite the following types of articles:


Original Research. These should detail original experiments/research

conducted by the author. Original research must add to scientific knowledge

on the subject and must be completed in accordance with ethical principles.


Pilot studies. These are preliminary works that indicate important

hypothesis, significant implications or innovative clinical applications.


Perspective. Typically presenting an opinion based on practical

experience, these articles are similar to opinion articles, but stem from

personal experience of the subject discussed. They can be written in

response to other papers provided the author has relevant experience.

Authors who intend to submit a paper, should provide a title, brief 2-3 sentence statement about how their work is innovative, and the tentative date of submission. Later on, the manuscript should include,


a background of the previous work in the area,


how the proposed/ performed research is innovative,


an elaborate discussion about the implications of their innovations or

describe interesting and significant hypotheses that are generated by

their research.

If you wish to contribute a paper, please email the following to bobbie.harvey at libertasacademica.com.


Manuscript title, which may be modified later


Manuscript type


Intended submission date, which may be before the submission deadline


2-3 sentence statement about how the work is innovative


State subject of email as BII Innovation Supplement

The proposals will be reviewed by the guest-editors, and if approved will be invited for submission. The paper will be subjected to peer review and editorial decision-making process, in a three-four week time frame. Accepted papers will be will be published immediately online and indexed in pubmed. All papers in the supplement will be published at discounted fee (US$1386,Japan:¥128624, Other €1034). Please direct any questions regarding the special issue or submissions to bobbie.harvey at libertasacademica.com.

Important Dates

August 31, 2015 Intent submission deadline

December 15, 2015 Final Paper submission deadline

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