[Corpora-List] Name/census data from non-English-speaking countries

Yuliya 4arly at bk.ru
Wed Jun 3 22:39:31 CEST 2015

Hello Lisa,

I've looked for the French names and found this article : http://www.lemonde.fr/les-decodeurs/article/2014/04/29/la-carte-des-prenoms-les-plus-donnes-en-france_4408677_4355770.html

You could be also interested in http://dataaddict.fr/prenoms/#bernard which gives an interactive graphics.

The CSV file with official INSEE statistics: http://publicdata.eu/dataset/fichier-prenoms

Cheers, Yuliya Korenchuk University of Strasbourg, France

Среда, 3 июня 2015, 13:21 -07:00 от Lisa Hesterberg <lisahesterberg2013 at u.northwestern.edu>:
>I'm looking for name lists for various non-English-speaking countries, ideally with frequency and year included, similar to the US census data on babies born in each state every year. Does anyone have any datasets of this type, or any recommendations on where to look? Apart from the US/UK/Canada, it seems difficult to find name data by year. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
>Lisa Dawdy-Hesterberg
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