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Krishnamurthy, Ramesh r.krishnamurthy at aston.ac.uk
Mon Jun 1 11:58:38 CEST 2015

Hi Matías

I'm sorry, but isn't your argument a bit like getting something second-hand, and not checking if it was stolen in the first place? It may be what most of us do most of the time, but this does not mean it is legally sound?

Using/acquiring/re-using anything involves an ethical aspect. It may be unlikely that you will be detected or punished, but that is not the only consideration?

Pop song lyrics are certainly intellectual property, and the lyricist(s) are usually credited (unless they are 'traditional' lyrics, in which case they may be ascribed to "anon.") for every track released. We are in a period of rapid change, especially in terms of the internet, and the ways in which music is published. But this does not exempt us from thinking about copyright issues?

Most universities require students and researchers to incorporate a section on ethical issues, and every research project requires clearance from some ethical board or procedures. In fact, this area has been strengthened in the past decade or two, both in the UK (to my certain knowledge), and in other countries, according to my frequent contacts with students and researchers studying or working in them.

So I think it is highly unwise to propagate the idea *to students* that Intellectual Property Rights (whether or not legalised as copyright under some nation's law) can be dismissed so lightly? If nothing else, they may be penalised in terms of marks, or their work may actually be rejected for examination/accreditation purposes?

best ramesh

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How could there be a copyright issue in this case though? Unless those sites are infringing copy right (which I doubt they are under any law), you should be fine.

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