[Corpora-List] Last CFP: NAACL Workshop on Vector Space Modeling for NLP

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Tue Feb 24 11:20:10 CET 2015

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NAACL Workshop on Vector Space Modeling for NLP (June 5, 2015) http://naacl15vs.github.io

NLP started with methods based on pure symbolic analysis of language. Statistical methods were introduced to NLP in the 1990s, allowing "soft" reasoning about language, and made NLP more data-driven. Over the last decade another step has been taken in this direction -- it was proposed to represent and analyze language in vector spaces. Now-a-days, context, symbolic and high-dimensional representations are often augmented with relatively low-dimensional vector-space representations. Vector space representations have been successfully used in different areas of NLP such as syntax and semantics.

This workshop is an opportunity to explore state of the art regarding the use of vector spaces in order to computationally analyze natural language. The focus of the workshop will be on the use of vector spaces to learn latent representations. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers from areas such as deep learning and representation learning, spectral learning, distributional compositional semantics and others, in order to see their relevance to each other, and learn about the state of the art in these areas.

We invite 4-8 page papers for poster presentations in the following areas, among others:

* Distributional compositional semantics. * Analysis of language using eigenvalue, singular value and tensor decompositions. * Latent-variable and representation learning for language. * Neural networks and deep learning in NLP. * Word embeddings and their applications. * Spectral learning and the method of moments in NLP.

The deadline for submitting papers is March 8, 2015. Please submit your paper by using the SoftConf system here: https://www.softconf.com/naacl 2015/vsm-nlp. Notification of acceptance will be sent by March 24, 2015. Camera-ready papers are due on April 3, 2015.

Workshop's website: http://naacl15vs.github.io.

This workshop is sponsored by Google DeepMind.

* Invited Speakers Marco Baroni (University of Trento) Xavier Carreras (XRCE) Chris Manning (Stanford University)

* Organization Phil Blunsom (University of Oxford) Shay Cohen (University of Edinburgh) Paramveer Dhillon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Percy Liang (Stanford University)

* Program Committee Borja Balle (McGill University) William Blacoe (University of Edinburgh) Jordan Boyd-Graber (University of Colorado) Xavier Carreras (XRCE) Weisi Duan (Carnegie Mellon University) Edward Grefenstette (University of Oxford) Karl Moritz Hermann (University of Oxford) Jeff Mitchell (University of Edinburgh) Ankur Parikh (Carnegie Mellon University) Sebastian Reidel (University College London) Richard Socher (Stanford University) Karl Stratos (Columbia University) Lyle Ungar (University of Pennsylvania) Eva Maria Vecchi (University of Cambridge)

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