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Dear Rafael,

as for live sports commentary (spoken), there are a few texts in the standard English corpora:

1) London-Lund Corpus (LLc)

S.10 Spontaneous commentary • S.10.1: Cricket • S.10.2: Football • S.10.3: Boxing • S.10.4: Horse racing • S.10.10: Tennis

2) British National Corpus (BNC)


4 texts

HEW Title: Racing: the Morning Line: television broadcast. Sample containing about 4596 words speech recorded in educational context Number of Words (tagged items): 4,827

HEY Title: The Central Match - Goals Extra: Sports report broadcast. Sample containing about 938 words speech recorded in educational context Number of Words (tagged items): 959

HMN Title: The Central Match - Live: television sports broadcast. Sample containing about 18641 words speech recorded in leisure context Number of Words (tagged items): 19,478

KJT Title: Test Match special: England v Sri Lanka: live broadcast. Sample containing about 8026 words speech recorded in leisure context Number of Words (tagged items): 8,366

3) The Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English Total Number of extracts: 10 Actual Words: 26,010

MUC002 (3147 words) 9/09/91, Rugby, 16 mins (35 mins) S2A001 MUC005 (2851 words) 10/06/91, Rugby League Test, 14 mins (30 mins) S2A004 MUC008 (2313 words) 5/12/91 Cricket Test NZ vs India, 13 mins (60 mins) S2A005 MUC012 (2143 words) 10/01/92, Bowls, 11 mins (11 mins) S2A007 MUC014 (2670 words) 19/01/92, Motor Racing, 13 mins (14 mins) S2A009 MUC020 (2528 words) 5/01/93, Cricket Test NZ vs Pakistan, 17 mins (30 mins) S2A011 MUC024 (3126 words) 7/12/91, Women's Touch Football Final, 16 mins (37 mins) S2A013 MUC028 (2085 words) 15/03/93, Clash of the Codes, 14 mins (30 mins) S2A015 MUC029 (2092 words) 24/04/93, Rugby - Auckland vs Western Samoa, 30 mins (40 mins) S2A016

I don't know about written sports reports, but they should be less difficult to get (and are possibly represented in BNC and/or COCA). I don't know of collections of minute-by-minute commentaries, but again, these are fairly easy to collect from the web.

As for published work, here is a selective list:

Pérez-Sabater, Carmen, Gemma Pena-Martinz, Ed Turney, and Begona Montero-Fleta. 2008. “A Spoken Genre Gets Written: Online Football Commentaries in English, French, and Spanish.” Written Communication 25: 235–261.

Bergh, Gunnar (2011), “Football is war: A case study of minute-by-minute football commentary”, Revista Veredas 15 (2), 83-93.

Chovanec, Jan (2008), “Enacting an imaginary community: Infotainment in on-line minutes-by-minutes sports commentaries”, in Lavric, Eva, Gerhard Pisek, Andrew Skinner & Wolfgang Stadler (eds.), The Linguistics of Football. Tübingen: Narr, 255-268.

Ferguson, Charles A. (1983), "Sports announcer talk. Syntactic aspects of register variation", Language in Society 12, 153-172.

Ghadessy, Mohsen (1988), "The language of written sports commentary: soccer – a description", in: Ghadessy, Mohsen (ed.), Registers of Written English. Situational Factors and Linguistic Features. London: Pinter Publishers, 17-51.

Jucker, Andreas. 2006. Live text commentaries: Read about it while it happens. In Jannis K. Androutsopoulos, Jens Runkehl, Peter Schlobinski & Torsten Siever (eds.), Neuere Entwicklungen in der linguistischen Internetforschung, 113–131. Hildesheim: Olms.

Jucker, Andreas. 2010. 'Audacious, brilliant!! What a strike!': Live text commentaries on the Internet as real-time narratives. In Christian R. Hoffmann (ed.), Narrative revisited: Telling a story in the age of new media, 57–77. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

You also may want to check out the The Football and Language Bibliography Online at http://www.uibk.ac.at/msp/projekte/sprache_fussball/bibliography/

Best wishes Marcus Callies

Zitat von Raf Salkie <R.M.Salkie at brighton.ac.uk>:

> A student wants to compare three types of language:
> 1. Spoken sport commentaries.
> 2. Live text sport commentaries.
> 3. Written sport reports.
> Preferably about the same sport (e.g. football or cricket).
> He’s also looking for published work on any of these three types of language.
> All advice gratefully received. — Raf Salkie
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