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The 8th SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing (*SIGHAN-8*) Bake-off Task 1: Chinese Spelling Check (*CSC*)

*July 30-31, 2015* at *Beijing, China * in conjunction with ACL-IJCNLP 2015

SIGHAN-8: http://sighan8.mis.yzu.edu.tw/ CSC Bake-off: *http://tm.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/CNLP/?q=SIGHAN-2015 <http://tm.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/CNLP/?q=SIGHAN-2015>* ACL-IJCNLP 2015: http://acl2015.org/


*About Bake-off Task 1*

The goal of this task is to evaluate the capability of a Chinese spelling checker. The passage consisting of several sentences with/without spelling errors will be given as the input. The checker should return the locations of incorrect characters and suggest the correct characters. Each character or punctuation occupies one position for counting location. If the input contains no spelling errors, the system should return “pid, 0”. If the input contains at least one spelling errors, the output format is “pid [, location, correction]+”. Examples are given as follows:

*Example 1*:

Input: (pid= A2-0047-1) 我真的洗碗我可以去看你。 Output: A2-0047-1, 4, 希, 5, 望

*Example 2*:

Input: (pid= B2-1670-2) 在日本,大學生打工的情況是相當普偏的。 Output: B2-1670-2, 17, 遍

*Example 3*:

Input: (pid= B2-1903-7) 我也是你的朋友,我會永遠在你身邊。 Output: B2-1903-7, 0

*Important Dates*

- Registration Open: *February 1, 2015*

- Release of Training Data: *March* *2, 2015*

- Registration Close: *April 1, 2015*

- Dry Run (Format Validation) Data Released: *May 1, 2015*

- Release of Test Data: *May 11, 2015*

- Testing Results Submission Due: *May 13**, 2015*

- Release of Evaluation Results: *May 15**, 2015*

- Technical Report Submission Due: *June 1, 2015*

- Report Reviews Returned: *June 11**, 2015*

- Camera-Ready Due: *June 21, 2015*

- Workshop Date: *July 30-31, 2015*

*Workshop Co-organizers*

- Liang-Chih Yu (Yuan Ze University)

- Zhifang Sui (Peking University)

- Yue Zhang (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

- Vincent Ng (University of Texas at Dalles)

*Bake-off Task 1 Co-organizers*

- Yuen-Hsien Tseng (National Taiwan Normal University)

- Lung-Hao Lee (National Taiwan University)

- Li-Ping Chang (National Taiwan Normal University)

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