[Corpora-List] Last Call for Papers: 20th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB'15)

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Third and Last Call for Papers: 20th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB'15)

========================================= +++ DEADLINE EXTENSION: Feb 14, 2015 +++ =========================================

Conference website: http://nldb2015.org/

NLDB 2015 invites researchers from academia and industry to submit papers for oral or poster presentations on recent, unpublished research that addresses theoretical aspects, algorithms, applications, architectures for applied and integrated NLP, resources for applied NLP, and other aspects of NLP, as well as survey and discussion papers.

Special Track: Semantic and Cognitive Computing ----------------------------------------------- For the 20th edition of NLDB, we especially solicit submissions for our special track: Natural Language and its connection to Semantic and Cognitive Computing. Semantic computing aims at connecting the meaning of the user’s need with semantics of content in a multidisciplinary fashion. Cognitive Computing systems naturally interact with people and learn over time. While natural language understanding is necessary for semantic understanding and interacting with a cognitive system (e.g. a question answering system or a search application), it is an open question how to leverage direct or indirect user feedback for improving the overall system's output, but also for improving the natural language processing stack and evolving the system's knowledge representations. Further, the interaction of natural language and formalized knowledge repositories is attained differently in the literature. Papers for the special track especially focus on the adaptivity and the combination of NL and knowledge processing systems: domain adaptation, adaptation over time, adaptivity and user feedback, wisdom of the crowds, information fusion from heterogeneous sources, incremental/online machine learning. We especially encourage submission of survey and discussion papers for the special track.

NLDB'15 Topics -------------- Further, we encourage submissions on the following topics:

* Applications of NLP in Information Systems: Multilingual Information Systems, NLP in Requirement Engineering, NLP in Knowledge Management, Semantic Data Integration and Data Cleaning.

* Social Media and Web Data: Corpus analysis, Language identification, Text normalization, Robust NLP for social media, Text classification, Information Extraction and Sentiment Analysis for social media.

* Semantic Web Open Linked Data: Ontology Learning and Alignment, Populating ontologies, Querying Ontologies and linked data, Semantic tagging and classification, Ontology-driven NLP.

* Question Answering (QA): NL interfaces to databases, QA using web data, multi-lingual QA, Non-factoid QA (how/why/opinion questions, lists), geographical QA, QA corpora and training sets.

* Natural language and Ubiquitous Computing: Pervasive Computing, Embedded, Robotic and Mobile Applications.

* Natural Language in Conceptual Modeling: Analysis of Natural Language Descriptions, Terminological Ontologies, Consistency Checking, Metadata Creation and Harvesting, Ontology-driven Systems Integration, Ontology Management.

* NLP Applications: Business Intelligence, Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis, QA systems, Event Detection, Named Entity and Event Detection, Information Extraction, Summarization, NLP for Data Mining, NLP for Data Warehouses, Plagiarism detection, Identity detection.

Submission information ---------------------- All accepted papers will be included in Springer proceedings of the conference. We solicit four types of papers: * Long papers: Up to 12 pages, plus references. Long papers should describe unpublished, complete research * Short papers: Up to 6 pages, plus references. Short papers describe a comparative evaluation of existing works, a negative result, or consist of a survey, discussion or position paper. * Poster and Demo papers: Up to 4 pages, plus references: Poster/Demo papers describe a small focused result, a negative result, or a late-breaking result, or a description of a system that can be demonstrated on-site at the conference. The review process is single-blind, i.e. you do not need to anonymize your submission.

Organization ------------ Siegfried Handschuh, University of Passau, Germany (Conference Chair) Elisabeth Métais, CNAM, France (Conference Chair) Farid Meziane, University of Salford, UK (Conference Chair) Chris Biemann, TU Darmstadt, Germany (Program Chair) André Freitas, University of Passau, Germany / Insight, Ireland (Local Organisation Chair)

Senior Programme Committee ————————————— Gerard de Melo, Tsinghua University, China Valia Kordoni, HU Berlin, Germany Mathieu Lafourcade, LIRMM, France Johannes Leveling, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Els Lefever, Ghent University, Belgium Simone Paolo Ponzetto, University of Mannheim, Germany Mathieu Roche, Cirad, TETIS, France Maguelonne Teisseire, Irstea, TETIS, France Christina Unger, CITEC, Universität Bielefeld, Germany Torsten Zesch, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany Michael Zock, CNRS-LIF, France

Important Dates --------------- (updated) February 14, 2015: Deadline for paper submission March 22, 2015: Notifications April 06, 2015: Final versions due June 17-19, 2015: Conference in Passau, Germany

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