[Corpora-List] Call for Papers: Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks (GEAF) 2015

Emily M. Bender ebender at uw.edu
Tue Feb 3 16:56:26 CET 2015

Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks

GEAF 2015

A workshop at ACL-IJCNLP 2015: 30 July 2015

Grammar engineering, the practice of developing linguistically motivated grammars in software, is an active area of research in computational linguistics and comprises contemporary works across many different theoretical frameworks. The fruits of grammar engineering, namely linguistically motivated grammars which in many cases provide rich, detailed semantic representations, support the development of natural language technologies, including both natural language understanding and generation, that derive much more information from the linguistic signal than is otherwise possible. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers working in grammar engineering and to advance the state of the art in this field.

In particular, we will invite contributions on the following range of topics:

* Descriptions of new grammar development projects * Progress reports of established grammars * Analyses of particular linguistic phenomena implemented in grammars * How practical and theoretical considerations jointly shape design of syntactic and semantic representations * Methodologies for scaling grammars up to broad coverage while maintaining linguistic precision * Proposals for evaluation of grammatical resources * Teaching methodologies for grammar engineering * Methodologies for exploring existing large-scale grammar resources * Multilingual approaches to grammar engineering * Grammar engineering for endangered language documentation * Approaches to sharing grammatical knowledge across formalisms * Applications of deep grammars * Methodologies for facilitating grammar development and maintenance


Papers must not exceed eight pages, including references, must be written in English, must be formatted according to the ACL style files, and must be submitted as PDF. Each paper will be double-blind reviewed by three Program Committee members. At least one author of each accepted papers must present their work at the workshop.

Submissions are to be made using the START account at: https://www.softconf.com/acl2015/GEAF/

All papers will be reviewed anonymously by at least three reviewers. Papers should not include the authors' names, and authors are asked to avoid self-references. All papers submitted to GEAF-2015 must not have been submitted to or published in another workshop, conference of journal.

Important Dates

Submissions due: 14 May 2015 Author notification: 4 June 2015 Final submissions due: 21 June 2015 Workshop: 30 July 2015

Workshop Organizers

Emily M. Bender (U Washington) (Chair) Lori Levin (Carnegie Mellon University) Stefan Müller (FU Berlin) Yannick Parmentier (U Orléans) Aarne Ranta (U Göteborg)

Program Committee

Krasimir Angelov (U Göteborg) Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IIT Bombay) Philippe Blache (CNRS) Miriam Butt (U Konstanz) Robin Cooper (U Göteborg) Berthold Crysmann (Paris 7) Eric De La Clergerie (Paris 7) Ramona Enache (U Göteborg) Dan Flickinger (Stanford U) Antske Fokkens (VU Amsterdam) Claire Gardent (CNRS) Sylvain Kahane (U Paris Ouest) Tracy King (eBay) Anna Kupsć (U Bordeaux) Hans Leiss (LMU Munich) Timm Lichte (U Düsseldorf) Detmar Meurers (U Tübingen) Richard Moot (CNRS) Glyn Morrill (UPC Barcelona) Guy Perrier (U Lorraine) Adam Przepiórkowski (PAS) Frank Richter (U Frankfurt) Sanghoun Song (NTU) Francis Tyers (U Tromsĝ) Christina Unger (U Bielefeld) Gertjan van Noord (U Groeningen)

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