[Corpora-List] CCS-2015 Workshop: Corpus-Based Word Frequency: Methods and Applications

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Tue Feb 3 14:07:41 CET 2015

Dear colleagues,

The Centre for Corpus Studies (CCS) in Turkey is organizing a one-day workshop titled “Corpus-Based Word Frequency:Methods and Applications” Mersin University, Turkey on 19 February 2015. Anyone interested in extracting and evaluating frequency information from a reference corpus may participate the workshop. Information about the workshop can be found below.

All the best,

Yesim Aksan

Mustafa Aksan

S. Ayse Ozel


CCS Workshop 2015

Corpus-Based Word Frequency: Methods and Applications

* Date: 19 February 2015

* Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm

* Venue: V.Ulku Hall, Mersin University

* Websites: http://www.tncfrequency.org.tr --------- http://www.dam.org.tr


Philip Durrant "Formulaicity within Turkish Words"

Michal Kren "Corpus-based Frequency Dictionaries of Czech: Challenges and Practical Solutions"

B. Taner Dinšer "Zipf's Laws and the Statistical Analysis of Turkish Written Texts"

Senem Kumova-Metin "Statistical Extraction of Multiword Expressions"

S.Ayşe Özel-Yasin Bektaş-Hakan Yılmazer "Formulaicity in Turkish: The case of *Turkish National Corpus*"

Mustafa Aksan-Devrim Alıcı-Umut U. Demirhan "Verb Synthesis and Frequency"

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