[Corpora-List] A list of German N+N compounds and Licensing Questions

liling tan alvations at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 14:02:29 CEST 2015

Dear Corpora researchers/enthusiasts,

I have somehow compiled a list of N+N compounds for German compositas: https://github.com/alvations/DLTK/blob/master/N%2BN%20(Ohne%20Fugenelement)

I seek the corpora community help in understanding how to license a lexicon, list or corpora that was compiled without a single or several primary sources and mainly generated by a sort of armchair linguist.

And how could I substantiate an open license for data that is somehow created? Like armchair linguists, they sit and think of examples and if they did license their examples or vocabulary or glossary or corpora, how did they substantiate the license.

The source of the list was from my own learning as I read online materials and listen to how people talk on the street. How can we open-source such materials compiled? Who holds the copyrights to such a list?

Previously, there was another corpus that was "somehow compiled": https://github.com/alvations/Quotables and since it's a list of quotations who holds the copyrights to those quotes? Ideally, the person who says it holds the copyrights but many of them are deceased.

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