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Dear Andrew, Thanks for clarifying the distinction between CWB/CQP and CQPweb. Actually, four days ago, I split the bookmarked URLs into two sections on my

CQPweb family page (http://www.bfsu-corpus.org/content/cqpweb-family), considering their respective development histories. Thank you too for adding the referral link on the CWB website. Best, Jiajin

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To chime in on this slightly late, it’s worth noting that, like some of the later suggestions made in replies, not all of the systems on the original list actually

use CQPweb: some use an alternative web-interface built around CWB/CQP. For instance, IntelliText is CWB/CQP based but does not use CQPweb.

This might seem like splitting hairs but classing these as “CQPweb” misallocates the credit for a lot of hard work on the part of their developers…

But thank you very much for compiling this extremely useful list. I have added a link from the CWB website (see http://cwb.sourceforge.net/demos.php#public ), and I hope later to add a more extensive set of links to public-access CQPweb servers elsewhere on the site.



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Subject: [Corpora-List] The global CQPweb family

Dear Corpora List members,

I've just collated the information of corpus portals using the CQPweb infrasturcture.


Are you aware of any other CQPweb sites which are not on the list?


Jiajin Xu


Ph.D., Professor

National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education

Beijing Foreign Studies University

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