[Corpora-List] Long term intern positions at Medical Informatics Group Mayo Clinic

Dingcheng Li lixxx345 at umn.edu
Wed Oct 8 15:24:06 CEST 2014


The medical informatics group at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN mainly focuses on text mining, including medical literature mining, medical information retrieval and extractions from MedLINE (a literature database and search engine run by NIH) citations and from electronic medical records of Mayo Clinic. Our mission involves both research and practice. From research side, we aim at publishing papers in medical informatics fields, developing open-source software for this community. From practice side, we aim at providing search engines and relevant software to medical workers, including physicians, nurses, medical researchers so that patient records can be well organized and easy to retrieve.

Our group is composed of more than 10 members most of whom are PhD graduates either in machine learning, NLP or medical informatics. Active research and practice have been done in the past 10 years.

Due to more funding and more projects coming, we now have more postdoc research fellows and more long time intern positions. The background requirement involves good programming skills in java and some script languages, like, python or perl, knowing UIMA (a pipeline framework in java) is preferred. Students from computer science, computational linguistics, medical informatics or relevant tracks are encouraged to apply. It would be great that the candidates have taken courses or has done some projects in machine learning, NLP, information retrieval, database construction and management. Extra qualities, such as experiences in the deployment of big data analysis, use of hadoop framework, cloudera, mongoDB or couchDB are good pluses.

The starting date can be flexible, from now or beginning of next year preferred. For interns, it can last up to one year. For postdoc fellows, one or two years' contracts will be signed. Based on the performance, longer appointment can be offered and promotions will be considered.

If you are interested, please send your CV to li.dingcheng at mayo.edu.

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