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Researchers of the Humanities and Social Sciences now have the ability to analyze the large amounts of texts that the increasing digitization of materials has placed at their disposal. The appearance of terms such as "Digital Humanities," "Computational Social Sciences", "Culturomics" or "Big Data Humanitie, Arts and Social Sciences" show the impact that text analysis aided by statistical techniques, mark-up languages and language technology tools have had in managing such data.

The *Competence Center IULA CLARIN-UPF (UPF IULA-CCC)* has the mission to promote the use of language technologies, particularly for research in Humanities and Social Sciences. Under the premise "Let your texts work for you", it encourages the use of digital texts and assesses the technologies available to extract all kinds of information from available textual materials.

On *October 2, as part of the session "Big Data for Humanities"* organized by Dr. Maria Morrás and Juan Antonio Rojas of the Department of Humanities UPF, and *part of the "Big Bang Data" project of the CCCB*, Dr. Nuria Bel will present the new CLARIN Competence Center IULA-UPF.

The IULA-UPF CLARIN Competence Center is a collaborating center of the CLARIN research infrastructure for Humanities and Social Sciences, along with centers in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Netherlands, Poland, and Czech Republic.

The IULA-UPF-CC –CLARIN was created with the mission to revitalize the use of language technology research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and to advise researchers regarding access to data and applications in order conduct experimental research with the objective of extracting data from texts.

Thanks to funding from the FEDER Programme[1] and the University Pompeu Fabra, IULA-UPF-CCC has developed a catalog designed to facilitate access to the use of computer applications for potential beneficiaries. The catalog, based on linked open data (Linked Open Data, LOD), allows you to view and connect to any open sources of information from the entire www.

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* Web address: http://www.clarin.es <http://www.clarin.es> lab.org/ <http://lab.org/> Email: iulatrl at upf.edu <iulatrl at upf.edu> Twitter: @CLARIN_ES_LAB*


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