[Corpora-List] Open position : postdoctoral research fellow Labex EFL

Benoit Crabbé benoit.crabbe at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 14:41:45 CET 2014

The labex EFL (Empirical Foundations of Linguistics, www.labex-efl.org) is looking for a postdoctoral Researcher on the fellowship :

Ordering preferences in Old French: a quantitative approach

Job Description

The position is provided by the strand « Experimental Grammar » of the Labex EFL project « Empirical Foundations of Linguistics » (www.labex-efl.org/) The postdoctoral fellow will study word order issues on Old French and more specifically the relative ordering of complements of ditransitive verbs. The inquiry will seek to identify several factors influencing the ordering of Old French complementation in different texts (varying in dates and genres). The quantitative results should be compared with what is known from corpus studies on the relative ordering of subject and complement in Old French (Marchello-Nizia 1995). It should also be compared to the quantitative results obtained on the relative ordering of complements of ditransitive verbs in Modern French (Thuilier 2012a, Thuilier 2012b) and modern English (Bresnan et Ford 2010). This comparative perspective is expected to provide new insights on French language evolution. The applicant is expected to have knowledge of the syntax of Old French, a working knowledge of corpus linguistics with annotated data and statistics. He is expected to carry quantitative and statistical work from annotated Old French data (SRCMF http://srcmf.org/). The applicant will have to demonstrate an exceptional research potential. A good knowledge of French is an additional asset and the applicant must have defended his/her Phd by December 1st 2014. Prospective applicants should send:

- A curriculum vitae including publications

- Names of two referents (with email address)

- A website address where the publications can be downloaded.

Contact: Sophie Prévost, Lattice - Benoît Crabbé, ALPAGE Contact address: sophie.prevost_at_ens.fr, benoit.crabbe_at_linguist.jussieu.fr Universities: University Paris Diderot and Lattice (CNRS – ENS/Paris 3) Level : Postdoctoral Researcher Duration: 12 months, starting from September 2014. Salary: 24 000 € net / an Specialities: Old French Syntax, Corpus linguistics, statistics Application deadline : May 1st 2014 Application email : sophie.prevost_at_ens.fr Application Reference: EFL-WO3


Bresnan, J. and Ford, M., 2010. « Predicting Syntax: Processing Dative Constructions in American and Australian Varieties of English », Language 86 (1): 186-213. Marchello-Nizia, C., 1995. L’évolution du français : ordre des mots, démonstratifs, accent tonique, Paris : Armand Colin Thulier, J., 2012a. « Lemme verbal et classe sémantique dans l’ordonnancement des compléments postverbaux », Neveu & al. (eds.) Actes du 3ème Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française 2012 (CMLF 2012), 2451-2469. Thuilier, J., 2012b. « Contraintes préférentielles et ordre des mots en français ». Thèse de doctorat Université Paris Diderot.

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