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Dear Prof. Goutsos, The members of the MuStE group in the University of A Coruņa ( www.udc.es/grupos/muste ) are currently compiling a corpus of late modern English scientific writing called Coruņa Corpus of English Scientific Writing. It consists of several subcorpora each one devoted to the compilation of texts belonging to different scientific disciplines according to the UNESCO classification and written between 1700 and 1900. The first subcorpus, CETA (Corpus on English Texts on Astronomy), has already been released (John Benjamins Publishing Company) and the second one, CEPhiT (Corpus of English Philosophy Texts) is about to come out. Besides, we have finished the compilation of two more subcorpora containing Life Sciences and History texts. In connection with this project we have been developing another one focused on female scientific discourse ( www.womenscientists.udc.com ) which is under way. I hope this information can contribute to the creation of the comprehensive directory you have mentioned in your mail. Regards, Begoņa Crespo

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As part of the project “Diachronic corpus of Greek of the 20th century” (Greek Corpus 20), which is funded in the frame of the action ARISTEIA (Excellence) by the European Cohesion Fund and the Greek government (General Secretariat for Research and Technology), we have published on our webpage a bibliography on the compilation and analysis of diachronic corpora and a list of diachronic and historical corpora of English and other languages: http://en.greekcorpus20.phil.uoa.gr/publications.html . We welcome any comments, additions etc. with a view to creating a comprehensive directory.

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