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*LREC Open Challenge on Shared Language Resources***



*Call for Contributions*

* The Shared Language Resources (Shared LRs)*

We are happy to announce that the LREC new initiative "Share your LRs" (http://lrec2014.lrec-conf.org/en/calls-for-papers/lrec-2014-special-highlight/) has met with great success, with more than *200 LRs* (data, tools, services) shared with submissions to LREC 2014. We expect even more LRs will be shared with Workshops submissions and main conference final papers.

Each LR is described through the set of features of the LRE Map (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LRE_Map).

Most LRs are shared through access to a devoted URL, while for about 1/3 the LR itself was uploaded with the submission. These LRs (and their description from the LRE Map) are available in a special LREC repository (http://www.resourcebook.eu/shareyourlr/index.php).

We challenge the LREC community to demonstrate the benefits of sharing resources.

* The Open Challenge*

LREC launches a new initiative around these Shared LRs, organising an Open Challenge.

Firmly believing in the power of sharing resources and in the creativeness of the public, encouraging reusability of LRs, reproducibility of language technology (LT) research/experiments, etc., thisinitiative promotes the "culture" of sharing and re-using LRs and technology for the common good.

We propose a general, open-ended LREC challenge, not privileging a given, pre-defined task, encouraging everyone to participate.

We ask everyone**to*"use the Shared LRs for whatever use/task they are interested/able to do", from the simplest to the more sophisticated*.

We wish to *promote and reward creative and original uses of available LRs*.

The only condition is that participants should use at least a tool or resource which they did not create themselves.

Challenge contributions will be divided into the following categories:

* production of LRs

* interoperability of LRs

* application of shared LRs

Some (non exhaustive) examples of tasks/usagesare:

-using your own tools on third-party shared LRs

-using others' shared tools for processing your own data, extracting new information, etc.

-testing shared tools on new languages or language variants

-integrating one or more third-party shared LRs/tools into a new application

-merging shared resources, producing new, larger or different LRs

-converting LRs to RDF and/or integrating into the (Linguistic) Linked Open Data cloud

-deploying a new LR platform, with new service interfaces to utilise the LRs, and creating workflows to combine services

-comparing/evaluating similar shared resources (e.g. focusing on sentiment lexicons, reporting on the best performing/simple to use/best documented/easy to replicate/etc. LR)

-using a shared corpus to train a new model

-creative, unforeseen usage of shared LR/tool

-finding uses emphasizing LRs for languages other than English

-exploiting shared LRs for compiling another one, for training a tool, etc.

-application of LRs/tools to benefit less resourced languages.

Along with descriptions of successful experiments and case studies, we also encourage reporting negative results and problems encountered when re-using shared LRs.

We aim to coordinate the Open Challenge with other challenges/hackathons in different LREC workshops in order to facilitate synergies between them and these shared LRs. We thus encourage also the use of shared LRs for replicating/improving results already submitted to shared challenges promoted by different workshops at LREC.

In any case, we do not mean to replace or compete with other shared tasks organized at LREC and its workshops. While double submission is welcome, the broadly defined criteria of the Open Challenge and the more focused shared tasks shall remain sufficiently distinct to guarantee an independent evaluation.

* What do we offer?*

At LREC we will award *prizes* based on a number of criteria to be announced (e.g., creativity and originality of the approach, number of resources involved, number of languages, depth and breadth of LR integration, etc. ...).

Prizes will also be awarded to the LR that was most exploited!

Depending on the quality and quantity of responses and accompanying reports, we may produce a special LREC publication: the* LREC Shared LRs Challenge Proceedings*.

We shall also organise one or more special *Poster* *sessions* during the Conference.

We will also select papers to invite for submissions (of extended version) to the *LRE Journal*.

* Schedule and Report*

Participants should send a two-page description of what they have done with the third-party shared LRs by*_2 May 2014_ *using the following format:

Title (related to the use), Author(s), Affiliation



-identifying which Shared LR(s) have been used

-type of usage/applications (see examples above, or other)

-motivation of the usage/experiment

-evaluation of the result

-difficulties in usage/integration

-also negative experiences, well founded

-if the result of the usage is a new LR that can be shared, please provide access information.

* Organisers*

Nicoletta Calzolari

Khalid Choukri

Riccardo Del Gratta

Sara Goggi


*Programme Committee*

The Programme Committee will evaluate the contributions on the basis of reports and the data itself. Members are the following:

Nuria Bel

Nicoletta Calzolari

Christian Chiarcos

Khalid Choukri

Philipp Cimiano

Thierry Declerck

Asuncion Gomez Perez

Gregory Grefenstette

Iryna Gurevych

Nancy Ide

Toru Ishida

Jin-Dong Kim

Bernardo Magnini

Yohei Murakami

Petya Osenova

Stelios Piperidis

James Pustejovsky

Virach Sornlertlamvanich

German Rigau

Junichi Tsujii

Andrejs Vasil,jevs

Cristina Vertan

Piek Vossen



lrec-challenge at lrec-conf.org

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