[Corpora-List] Corpora/recordings with deceptive text/language or lies in discourse (forensic or other)?

Jakub Piskorski jakub.piskorski at frontex.europa.eu
Fri Mar 7 10:06:44 CET 2014


Try to contact the colleagues in the Univeristy of Arizona/BORDERS (http://www.borders.arizona.edu/).They might have what you look for or provide further hints.

Otherwise, check the latest news from Europe .... just lies :-)




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> Subject: [Corpora-List] Corpora/recordings with deceptive text/language or lies in
> discourse (forensic or other)?
> Hi everybody,
> I am looking for corpora with dialog/discourse transcribed and annotated wrt.
> deception or lies in various languages, and relevant recent work on linguistic cues
> (speech and language) in deceptive language. Where could one find such material?
> Maybe some police interview archives? Any idea?
> (I know, some of you will say, don't look far, just open up the daily newspaper or
> watch some TV... but, you know, what I mean... :-) )
> Thanks a lot!
> Damir
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