[Corpora-List] DART (Dialogue Annotation & Research Tool) Released

Martin Weisser weissermar at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 10:01:41 CET 2014

Dear all, I've just released version 1 of my Dialogue Annotation & Research Tool (DART), which can be downloaded from http://martinweisser.org#DART . The program makes it possible to create large-scale pragmatically annotated corpora of dialogues fully automatically, apart from reasonable amounts of pre- and post-processing. As it's not only an annotation program, but also a research environment, it also provides facilities for analysing dialogue data in various ways, as well as to easily create or adapt resources for annotating data from different domains. The setup routine (64bit Win only, unfortunately) also installs a copy of the manual, as well as some files to play with, into the DART program folder, but if you'd just like to get a quick impression of what DART does, you can first download a copy of the manual from http://martinweisser.org/publications/DART_manual.pdf . Please feel free to provide ample feedback or report any bugs, especially because I haven't been able to test the installation routines very extensively. -- Cheers,

Martin ======================== Dr. phil. habil. Martin Weisser Visiting Professor School of English and Education Guangdong University of Foreign Studies 510006 Guangzhou P.R. China Web: martinweisser.org

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