[Corpora-List] Considering Distributions Across Texts

Stefan Th. Gries stgries at linguistics.ucsb.edu
Mon Mar 3 17:39:47 CET 2014

The following references on dispersion may be useful:

- Gries, Stefan Th. 2008. Dispersions and adjusted frequencies in corpora. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 13(4). 403-437. [note the small correction in IJCL 17(1); this paper is also reprinted in Corpus Linguistics, ed. by Douglas Biber & Randi Reppen] - Gries, Stefan Th. 2010. Dispersions and adjusted frequencies in corpora: further explorations. In Stefan Th. Gries, Stefanie Wulff, & Mark Davies (eds.), Corpus linguistic applications: current studies, new directions, 197-212. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

All on my website, as well as some other resources (dispersion lists for 4 corpora).

Cheers, STG -- Stefan Th. Gries ---------------------------------- Univ. of California, Santa Barbara http://tinyurl.com/stgries ----------------------------------

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