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Barry Haddow bhaddow at inf.ed.ac.uk
Mon Dec 22 22:17:56 CET 2014

EMNLP 2015 TENTH WORKSHOP ON STATISTICAL MACHINE TRANSLATION Shared Tasks on news translation, automatic post-editing, quality estimation and metrics. September 2015, in conjunction with EMNLP 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal


As part of the EMNLP WMT15 workshop, as in previous years, we will be organising a collection of shared tasks related to machine translation. We hope that both beginners and established research groups will participate. This year we are pleased to present the following tasks:

- Translation task - Automatic Post-editing task (pilot) - Quality estimation task - Metrics task (including tunable metrics)

Further information, including task rationale, timetables and data can be found on the WMT15 website. Brief descriptions of each task are given below. Intending participants are encouraged to register with the mailing list for further announcements (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wmt-tasks)

For all tasks, participants will also be invited to submit a short paper describing their system.

--------------------- Translation Task --------------------- This will compare translation quality on five European language pairs (English-Czech, English-Finnish, English-French, English-German and English-Russian). *New* for this year: - Finnish appears as a "guest" language - The English-French text will be drawn from informal news discussions. All other test sets will be from professionally written news articles.

We will provide extensive monolingual and parallel data sets for training, as well as development sets, all available for download from the task website. Translations will be evaluated both using automatic metrics, and using human evaluation. Participants will be expected to contribute to the human evaluations of the translations.

For this year's task we will be releasing the following new or updated corpora: - An updated version of news-commentary - A monolingual news crawl for 2014 in all the task languages - Development sets for English-French and English-Finish Not all data sets are available on the website yet, but they will be uploaded as soon as they are ready.

The translation task test week will be April 20-27.

This task is supported by the EU projects MosesCore (http://www.mosescore.eu), QT21 and Cracker, and the Russian test sets are provided by Yandex.

----------------------------------------------------- Pilot task on Automatic Post-Editing ----------------------------------------------------- This shared task task will examine automatic methods for correcting errors produced by machine translation (MT) systems. Automatic Post-editing (APE) aims at improving MT output in black box scenarios, in which the MT system is used "as is" and cannot be modified.

From the application point of view APE components would make it possible to:

* Cope with systematic errors of an MT system whose decoding process is not accessible * Provide professional translators with improved MT output quality to reduce (human) post-editing effort

In this first edition of the task, the evaluation will focus on one language pair (English-Spanish), measuring systems' capability to reduce the distance (HTER) that separates an automatic translation from its human-revised version approved for publication. Training and test data are provided by Unbabel.

Important dates Release of training data: January 31, 2015 Test set distributed: April 27, 2015 Submission deadline: May, 15

------------------------ Quality Estimation ------------------------

This shared task will examine automatic *methods for estimating the quality of machine translation output at run-time*, without relying on reference translations. In this fourth edition of the shared task, in addition to *word-level* and *sentence-level* estimation, we will introduce *document-level *estimation. Our main *goals* are the following:

* To investigate the effectiveness of quality labels and features for

document-level prediction.

* To explore differences between sentence-level and document-level


* To analyse the effect of training data sizes and quality for

sentence and word-level prediction, particularly for negative (i.e.

low translation quality) examples.

The WMT12-14 quality estimation shared tasks provided a set of baseline features, datasets, evaluation metrics, and oracle results. Building on the last three years' experience and focusing on English, Spanish and German as languages, this year's shared task will reuse some of these resources, but provide additional training and test sets.

---------------- Metrics Task ----------------

The shared metrics task will examine automatic evaluation metrics for machine translation. We will provide you with all of the translations produced in the translation task along with the reference human translations. You will return your automatic metric scores for each of the translations at the system-level and/or at the sentence-level. We will calculate the system-level and sentence-level correlations of your rankings with WMT15 human judgements once the manual evaluation has been completed.

In addition to this evaluation task, we will run a tunable metrics task, similar to the one we ran in 2010. The idea of this task is to evaluate which metrics give the best performance (according to human evaluation) when used to tune an SMT system. We will provide the system, then you will tune it using your metric and send us the resulting tuned weights.

Full details of the metrics tasks will be made available on the task website.

The important dates for metrics task participants are:

May 4, 2015 - System outputs distributed for metrics task May 25, 2014 - Submission deadline for metrics task


Barry Haddow (on behalf of the organisers)

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