[Corpora-List] Second cfp, 3 day workshop "Developing Corpus Linguistics in South Asia", 9-11 February 2015

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Second and final call for applications: 3 day workshop "Developing Corpus Linguistics in South Asia", 9-11 February 2015 Venue: International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan Funded by: British Council Researcher Links Workshop Programme Organisers: Dr Ayaz Afsar (IIUI, Pakistan), Dr Paul Thompson (University of Birmingham, UK) Bursaries: see below, deadline for applications is 8th January 2015.

The purpose of this three day workshop is to bring together corpus researchers in South Asia and the UK in order to assess the current state of corpus linguistics in Asia, to identify the needs of corpus researchers in Pakistan and also to articulate a clear strategy for the development of resources and programmes for the study of national and regional varieties of English in the future.

The need for the program is rooted in the increasing demand for professionals and researchers in the field of corpus linguistics, which is at present a neglected area in Pakistan and other countries in South Asia. Corpus methodologies are growing increasingly important not only for the investigation of linguistic matters but also for an understanding of social, cultural, economic and political issues in which language plays a central role. Furthermore, there still exist no national corpus of Pakistani English nor one that represents the wide diversity of South Asian Englishes, and neither are there substantial corpora of regional languages such as Urdu. The current demand results from the increasing need for the use of corpus tools in an age of information technology with a substantial amount of digital data. The workshop will address these issues in the use of corpus linguistic tools and methods, and their application in diverse areas of social sciences, humanities and arts, such as critical discourse analysis, data mining and applied linguistics.

The workshop will consist of:

* a set of training sessions;

* panel discussions;

* and talks and poster presentations by participants.

Bursaries are available for early career researchers from the UK and Pakistan to attend this workshop. Applicants should send a brief CV (max. one page), a brief letter of support from a supervisor or head of department, a 300 word statement outlining your interest in the workshop and (separately) a 300 word abstract for a poster or short paper presentation.

UK-based applicants should contact Paul Thompson (p.thompson at bham.ac.uk) with an initial expression of interest, and also should note that the bursary covers travel from the UK, visa and related expenses to a maximum of GBP1000 per participant; Pakistan-based applicants should contact Dr Ayaz Afsar (ayaz.afsar at iiu.edu.pk).

Researchers who are not 'early career' are also welcome to attend - for further information, please contact Paul Thompson.

Workshop website: http://tinyurl.com/oc9sy5n

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