[Corpora-List] French corpora (Antoinette Afriyie)

Loïc Liegeois loic.liegeois at univ-orleans.fr
Sun Dec 14 14:21:46 CET 2014

Dear Antoinette,

On the CNRTL's website (Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales), you can download two corpora diffused under a Creative Commons license. The first is a corpus of the "l'Est Républicain", a local newspaper (http://www.cnrtl.fr/corpus/estrepublicain/). The second corpus contains 125 articles that come from the "Sciences Humaines" magazine (http://www.cnrtl.fr/corpus/shs/). These two corpora are structured in line with TEI-P5 recommendations. I think that other magazines' or newspapers' corpora are available, but either they are not openly accessible (see the ELRA catalog http://catalog.elra.info/index.php?language=en) or I no longer have them in mind.


-- Loïc Liégeois ATER - Université d'Orléans - LLL UFR LLSH, 10 Rue de Tours BP 46527 - 45065 ORLEANS cedex 2

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